Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Too many dying

First Wendy Wasserstein dies, young in her 50's.  She was a brilliant writer, focusing on women, great for feminist babyboomers!  She had cancer & left a very young daughter.  Hardly anything was written about her on AOL.  Now today there are obits in the papers, but it took long enough. 

Then Coretta Scott King passes.  Very sad, altho' maybe she was happy to go after having that stroke last year & struggling to get well from it.  What a Queen.  She truly helped keep the Dream alive, along with her children.  Where would we be without Martin Luther Jr, his Wife, & Rosa Parks, - so many of those BRAVE souls who stood for integration, equal rights & so much more? 

Well here's the thing...  I have just gone through the AOL thread lines to post about Mrs. King, which by the way was NOT easy to find.- What a shame that her death was no big deal on AOL. 

So here's the shocker, I mean I am SHOCKED.  I have never seen so much horrible dribble written about so fine a person, so great a legacy just dragged through vile, arrogant, abhorant racist shit.  If I ever thought things were better, improving every day in America, then I was clearly fantasizing.  The klan is truly alive, moving on & living everywhere around us, legal terrorists in our own country as surely as leathal as those across the sands & seas. 

I can NOT believe AOL allows such terrible things to be written like that, even tho' it is only "chat posts."  There was SO MUCH negative tripe, I seriously can NOT believe it. 

This is sooo TRUELY depressing, I had to just Stop reading.  How can there still be so much hate between races?  I just don't get it. 

This was my post:

     God bless Coretta, Martin Jr, & their children who have been carrying on The Dream!  God bless all the Strong, Brave Souls who have been fighting for equal rights.  For all of us. 

     I feel sad there are so many hateful posts here on AOL about this beautiful Queen.  I truly appreciate the strength & determination of all who continue to stand for equality & what is right. 
     Thank you Mrs.Coretta Scott King, Martin, Rosa Parks, all those blessed folks who have gone before us, & all those still carrying on to make our land a better place to live for us all.  Let there be Peace.

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