Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1st Flight Back after Vacation (& I use the term loosely)

I am sitting in the Marina Del Rey Marriot - finally- the flight was real delayed tonight.  & there was a butt in everyseat, we were oversold PLUS they changed equipment & it was a big 767!  I love that plane, esp in back (1st class is too hard & too slow with 30 folks up there.) 

The fA's were great & the full load & all the work took my mind off all my troubles.  It was nice to be among people that respected me & appreciated my hard work & professionalism.  heh heh, well I may be stretching it a bit much at the last there.  These FA's liked me, I forgot how good it feels to be among this ewr group of peers.  No WONDER I hate real estate agents, Flight crews are sweet, funny & oh so nice & caring. 

I hugged Doris goodbye & said 'I dont want to fight anymore...'  She said okay, we wont fight.  She had been singing Jesus songs this morning (what she always does when she's upset) & it was so beautiful, her voice is SO wonderful. 

I wanted to call home & tell her how delayed our flight was going to be, but I didn't.  Figured just leave her alone.  (She had told me to just leave her alone last night... to which I replied Doris, I've left you alone for years...)  I think it upset her some.  Not that much, as she won't let anything upset her that much.  Wish I could learn that trick.  Now I want to call her from Los Angeles, but it's 0300am her time, midnight here.

The thing is she's all I ever think about, my little world basically revolves around her.  It's been that way since the day I met her 24yrs ago.  That's why all this fighting is so fucked.  Like what the HELL is going on??  Doesn't she know I adore her?  Definately more than she does me...  she's got all these family jerkoffs in her life that came first, seems like they are more important.  SO glad I don't have that to deal with in my family anymore.  My friend Rosanne says next time she's gona get involved with orphans only.  HAH!  She's got a GOOD point.  Someone who has no other crazy family fartbrains to concern themselves over.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

Okay, up to my room & a hot bath.  phew!  Glad this day is over.  Thank you Godfor helping me make it thru.

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sunflowersnstone said...

Orphans! Too funny.

Since you write so well may I suggest writing Doris a letter telling her how you feel about her? Tell her that you think about her every minute of the day for the last 24 years.

Is she going through something right now? Is she coming to accept that Herman is a butt? Is she feeling depressed and upset and or worthless right now? Whats going on inside her head. Find out. Talk to her, write to her, sing to her, whatever you need to do for you and for her. 24 years is a long time my friend. it's a very long time to not be able to say I love you, what's going on with us.

until again,