Friday, March 28, 2008

A Tad Bit ill

Oye Vey.  Been flying my butt off, trying to make that overtime.  Very few days off.  While on a trip, thieves stole Doris' tires, rims, & hubcaps off her new (about 3 or 4 mo old) G6 Pontiac in the fucking driveway.  They even took the lugs, AND brought their own bricks to sit the damn car on. 

So on my very few days off I've been trying to help Doris tromp thru junk yards & tire sales since her insurance gave such a low-ball estimate.  It has been windy & freezing.  In the end, she went with the dealer she bought it from even tho Liberty Mutual does not want to pay half of what is needed to replace it all.  I spoke to them & gave them a few choice words & sentiments & it seems they may be sending another check out, but it remains to be seen if it will still be enough.  Pain in the ass for sure. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch I got a croupy cough that wouldn't quit, my lungs would squeeze so tight I could barely breathe.  I got in from a trip with only one day off before going out on the last trip of the month...  My Dr. wasn't in that day so I went to a walk-in care center to get a quick prescription for my cough &/or BRONCHITIS so I could work the next day without scaring everyone with my cooties.. 

Well hell, they kept me there about 4 hrs. stuck a catheter down my nostrils & sucked out mucus (totally disgusting) & sent me for a lung xray, told me I had the Flu AND bronchitis (did not FEEL like I had the stupid flu, just a cough) & that I could not fly for at least 3 more days, then gave me 3 prescriptions to fill. 

I took the prescriptions immediately because I wanted to get better immediately & nobody there said don't take this all at once.  I was gona make that damn flight the next day, I was NOT loosing all that overtime I'd accrued (29hrs which is a fucking LOT.)  The meds were tamiflu, an inhaler (never had one of those puffer gadgets before) & cough syrup with codeine.  Fine. 

I drove off to WW to get weighed as I had been flying during the last 2 Wednesdays ...& suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks.. I was getting dizzy.  Hell, I might pass out.  I left the meeting immediately, made it out to my car, laid down in the back seat & called Doris (who was home making us dinner)to come get me.  I just layed there half way paralyzed with my eyes closed, but could hear everything around me.  Also I was starting to have thoughts of oh yeah, I am stoned for sure......  Missed this feeling for decades now.  Wow. I'll just relax & enjoy it. 

Once Doris got me & sat me up in her (rented) car I became totally nauseous.  Once home I alternated between barfing my gutts up & laying by the toilet bowl in a stupor.  ahh, the ecstasy of OD-ing, I remember it well.  I felt SO FUCKING SICK.  I had walked into that damn dr's office with only a hacking cough & ended up sick as a fucking dog.  shit

I kept thinking I will just get thru the night & then I'll be able to fly tomorrow.  But I was still so green, dizzy & dry heaving in the morning & had no choice but to finally call in sick. I lost $850.00 in overtime ($400 after taxes) by not making the last trip of the month.  If I wasn't that sick to start out with, I sure am now.  I am SO disgusted.

Oh, &by the way, they called me today with a xray result of a spot on my right lung & I should come back for a follow up in 3 months.  Great.

Frickin' insane, man.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life Is A Merry- go-round

Diahann Carroll was on my flight yesterday. DAMN!  She is STILL so BEAUTIFUL!!!  And Nice.  That smile of hers!  Still exquisite & big!  Class personified.  A truly dignified woman in her 70's.  And we ALL know how I love those older gorgeous women!!!!!  Oh, did I mention she told me I was beautiful too?   Now how sweet was that?  ...Even tho' she clearly wasn't wearing her 'over 70' glasses.  hah hah.

Flying out again today to Lax so I'll be missing WW weigh in.  But I'm not worried, even tho' I'm still eating a sweet roll here & there & had Chinese food last night...  That super-duper gym/spa I joined is SO FABULOUS & even tho I'll only be able to go one day this week on fri (my ONLY day off - flying the weekend too) my stomach is going down!  The whirlpool, steam & sauna is a grande treat after long, hard workouts & SO LUXURIOUS!!  I am SO RELAXED driving home from there that I don't know how I've managed to survive this long without it all.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Wanna Stay Home

I'll be fine once I'm there with FA's I love.  But I really DON'T want to get out of bed.  shit.  And it's after noon already, my sign in is 530pm

Also there will be FA's there I DON'T like as well BUT this month I am working a 767 so there is plenty of room to get away from the doink butts & have good conversations with the excellent FA's.  (There will be NINE Flight Attendants onboard! That is a lot.) 

Also I am actually working in coach this month.  I bid this posistion on purpose because I HATE the widebody FC's - there are 30 psgers up there, two asiles & the service goes
v e r y  s l o w l y ~~~~~la la la...
It's excruciating for pros like me who are fast as the wind.  You have to keep your cart even with the cart across the asile, it is SLOW I tell you, takes at least 2 freakin' hrs to finish.  Not so on the 757 FC that I usually work.  Plus there are so many fA's in the 767 coach, we get thru zip zap zip!!!  I am actually looking forward to it. 

BTW, I can hardly move from working out at the new Health Club.  No lie.  I am sore.  I feel creaky, rusty & stiff.  Doris on the other hand is just fine.  I don't get it.  Plus I gained 2 more lbs at WW weigh-in last week.  Hmmm.  Still hitting the Entenmann's counter at the A&P - KMae, you gotta stop with the carbs & sugar.  Waa waa waa.  Don't wanna.  One day at a time, sweet Jesus!

Got to put on make up & do my hair now.  crap.