Sunday, May 25, 2008


WOW!  I am old!  Holy crap I'm 61!  My brain doesn't feel that way as I still don't know what the hell I'm doing in life from day to day.  BUT my freakin' back went out on my flight 2 days ago so my body is feeling decrepit.  Therefore this birthday is a bit of a downer, altho' I KNOW this pain isn't permanent as it is getting less each day. 

I used it as an excuse Not to go to church today & just lay around & rest.  Also I shall be missing a bbq after church that as much as I LOVE that food, I really need to stay away since I'm back to loosing weight.  (Oh gee, 3 big lbs in 3 weeks -woo!) 

I've totally neglected my blog since I started my cool, new website for our WW group.  It has helped keep me focused & working hard.  In fact I'm thinking maybe all that time I've spent on the treadmill & machines (6 out of 7 days ea week) is what jostled my back so much that it went out more easily when we hit turbulence in flight.  (probably nOt!)  I just really don't understand why this happened since I thought my body'd be stronger with all this working out at the gym.  Guess it will just take time to actually get stronger.  Hopefully.

So when I got home from the airport Doris had beautiful pink roses, 3 great balloons & 2 mushy, fabulous cards waiting for me on the kitchen table!  The next morning she called me from her car place where they told her she needed a new tire (socked it to her in the tune of $200.)  We met for brunch at  Perkins then went to a few stores, then home, then back out to Charlie Brown's for my birthday dinner (which she couldn't even afford to pay for since she had to put out all that money for the stupid tire.)  She really had wanted to go into the City to see fleet week & all the sailors & ships.  Hey, wait a minute, this is MY birthday damn it. 

Afterwards we just came home & eventually crawled into bed.  Jeese I was SO tired that I couldn't even stay awake to midnight & went to sleep at 1130pm.  Huh???  I'm always up 'till 0300am.

On turning 61, I am grateful I'm still alive & basically have good health, the bad back isn't permanent, at least not at 61 yet!  I have a job I don't hate & I'm not depressed today.  It has been really hard trying to deal with all the Debt Doris has accrued, actuallymaybe I should say trying NOT to deal with it. 

My fear is possibly loosing the house eventually, but probably that wont happen as I can still pay the mortgage ea month.  Good thing I still have a job, but internally I feel it's not fair.  I have broken out with itchy hives here & there, & I know it's my rage at all this popping out thru my skin.  On the surface, I still love & adore Doris, but underneath I do have obvious (Seething!) resentments. 

I'm not going anywhere tho', sticking here with her to the end.  I finally figured out what the hell...  if we do loose our home (small & humble as it is) we can always move back into an apartment or rent a house, or go to a senior citizen's building.  Life will still go on. 

The important thing is LOVE & good health.  Seriously.  Everything else is just ICING on the cake of life!  An when you thing of it, every new day is a birthday of sorts.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I Only lost 1 Dang Lb Again This Week

I am SO discouraged.  I only lost 1.4 frickin' lbs on WW weigh in.  WTF???

Let me tell you; 
I have done the damn treadmill 45min almost everyday (not 20 min, not 30min but FOURTYFIVE M.F. MINUTES everyday, even on my stupid layover in lax. 
I have counted the damn points everyday.
I have hardly eaten anything sinful & delicious & have just stayed in the 'healthy choices' perimeter.
I stopped drinking diet coke again finally (VERY hard). (Man, I miss caffeine!)
I'm drinking WATER all the time.  snore.

How could I have worked SO hard, esp on the treadmill (45min is LONG & boring, I have to read a magazine or book to get thru it) & have only lost a smidge over 1 lb???  I just don't get it. 

I'm exhausted & I have to fly out again tomorrow.  This layover I think I'll just STAY IN BED an extra hour instead of getting up early to go down to the hotel gym (altho' they DO have great cybex equip.)  But screw it, I'm taking the sleep instead of the exercise - one dippy pound???

The first time around loosing the 50lbs was hard & all, but I never did the exercise other than hitting Curves about once or twice a week for 30 min.  This time I'm working out in a real healthclub/gym for long periods of time, should I not expect to loose more weight faster than the last time around???
Seriously, what the hell???

Okay, rant over (for now!)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

That First Trip After Vacation...

Have MERcy.
About 1 hour before landing a female psgr attacked a male Flight Attendant in the aft galley because they wouldn't serve her any more vodka. 

She had been told to sit down & fasten her seat belt because the seat belt sign was on.  She wouldn't move & kept asking for vodka.  (Earlier she could barely stay on her feet going to the lav & needed help getting back to her seat.)  She kept asking for vodka all night (5 1/2 hr flight) & did not like that she had been cut off. 

When she wouldn't sit down when the seat belt sign went on, she lunged into the galley & grabbed the intercom phone out of a FA'S hand & started bashing him in the head with it repeatedly, she started hitting & scratching him with her other hand.  3 FA's were sitting on the aft jumpseat (myself included) & we jumped up & tried to stop her.  Her adrenalin was SO powerful we couldn't pull her off, he was bleeding from his temple & long sabre scratchmarks on his arm, & she knocked out a cap on his tooth.  He was backed up against the ovens trying to cover his face & protect himself.  Another male FA finally got her off him & escorted her back to her seat, where she became docile then fell asleep. (passed out!)  Police & paramedics met the flight on landing in NJ.  I can't say much else as it's now turned over to the FBI. 

The thing is it was so scarey.  It happened SO fast, she just snapped.  Also she was so small (about 5'7") & slim & waifish, I would have never thought she would have any kind of power.  OMG.   It was really terrible. My friend was taken to a hospital in an ambulance & had a tetnus shot.  He isn't back to work yet. 

I just flew another trip with the other 2 FA's involved & we are all achey & exhausted & rather lethargic...  I personally just couldn't get any speed up tonight, I just didn't care.  I mean I cared about the psgrs, but not about how fabulous I worked the flight.  And of course you all must realize by now I am an awesome, fast & efficient Flight Attendant.  Or I was.  ha!

I have one day off, I am going to the gym & WW. 

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Last Day Of Vacation

I'm sad.  This is the last day of my 2 week vacation.  While I'm grateful to have had time off, it just wasn't enough.  Never is. 
boo hoo.

Oh shut up Kathy & be satisfied  for what you've got & happy you have a job to go to.  shish.