Friday, May 09, 2008

I Only lost 1 Dang Lb Again This Week

I am SO discouraged.  I only lost 1.4 frickin' lbs on WW weigh in.  WTF???

Let me tell you; 
I have done the damn treadmill 45min almost everyday (not 20 min, not 30min but FOURTYFIVE M.F. MINUTES everyday, even on my stupid layover in lax. 
I have counted the damn points everyday.
I have hardly eaten anything sinful & delicious & have just stayed in the 'healthy choices' perimeter.
I stopped drinking diet coke again finally (VERY hard). (Man, I miss caffeine!)
I'm drinking WATER all the time.  snore.

How could I have worked SO hard, esp on the treadmill (45min is LONG & boring, I have to read a magazine or book to get thru it) & have only lost a smidge over 1 lb???  I just don't get it. 

I'm exhausted & I have to fly out again tomorrow.  This layover I think I'll just STAY IN BED an extra hour instead of getting up early to go down to the hotel gym (altho' they DO have great cybex equip.)  But screw it, I'm taking the sleep instead of the exercise - one dippy pound???

The first time around loosing the 50lbs was hard & all, but I never did the exercise other than hitting Curves about once or twice a week for 30 min.  This time I'm working out in a real healthclub/gym for long periods of time, should I not expect to loose more weight faster than the last time around???
Seriously, what the hell???

Okay, rant over (for now!)


sassyfemmect said...

KMae,  look at the sodium content in the food you're eating.  That will slow weight loss.  FYI, when I investigated various diets I found that some things WW considers low in points is high sodium.  The 2,400 mg/day you'll see as the recommended amount is based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. When I was dieting to lose weight (working to maintain now) I tried to limit my sodium to no more than 800-1,000 mg per day.  If I went higher than that I saw a dramatic difference in the amount of weight (not) lost, and could easily gain weight if I had more than 1200 mg.

dghtronly said...

I would tend to agree with Sassy. I've fluctuated between a 5-10 lb loss over a period of time but can't crack that 10 lb barrier. I know mine has mostly to do with exercise (I expect -that- to change with the finally nicer weather) and sometines making not the best snack choices--I'm working on the potato chip demons.

I have to watch my sodium due to hypertension issues so I'm very aware of the sodium content. Many choices deemed *healthful* that is to say low/no fat or low calorie are indeed high in sodium.

Don't be too discouraged. You did it before, you can do it again. Heck, I'm still working on my first 50 lb loss. :)  

Have a pleasant weekend.

onetoughcookie43 said...

Yeah, what they said, plus, just keep plugging away. It does suck, but you will get results! Hope you have a nice, uneventful flight!