Saturday, December 26, 2009

Amazing When Life Takes care Of Itself

Hello! Christmas is over, Glory Halleluia! It was most everything I wanted! Alleluia Amen & Awomen!!!

Had it been everything, I would not have gained so much weight this year to almost 210 lbs complete with a huge square butt that has grown up to the middle of my back & a gutt that sticks out so far I look preggers with triplets, however it DOES make a big ledge to rest my bulbous 44DD breasts on. Yeee-up! I'm a doll. My quadrupile chins that now hide my neck do come in handy when I nod off, they seem to hold my head up.

Anyway I digress. The thing I always hate about xmas as you all KNOW is having men laying around the house watching MTV whore dancers & talking on the phone, taking up couch space eating anything in the fridge. Especially the deadbeat, stank-ass piece-of-shit crappy father, youngest son of D's.

So it was all set up again as usual... Dipshit was coming in from Dtw on the bus ticket his mother sent him - everyone (but me) was excited to see him... His son, his sister, his brother, his neice & nephews, cousins, aunts, uncle & esp. my beautiful Doris.

Well he missed the first bus that left at 900pm & got in at 1045am the next day. So he will catch the same bus the next day & get in on xmas morning. nice.
Well Doris got up bright & early, got dressed & pretty, zoomed off to the Newark terminal to pick him up. I stayed home to tidy up some more (& I couldn't stand the thought of going to get the effin' slug.)

An hour later, Dumbshit deadbeat calls to say the bus trip cancelled (last night) because of storms across the country & he wouldn't be there. There was nothing he could do about it. I said you COULD have called your mother collect to tell her last night so she wouldn't be sitting out there at Penn Station Newark waiting for you right now...

So I called her, told her to turn her gorgeous ass around & come home - HERMAN (who goes by Asmar btw -can't blame anyone named Herman for changing to anything else) wasn't coming, the bus cancelled. She was like WHAAAAATTTT?????? But she pulled herself together because she knows I do NOT agree with him taking her money for a ticket... among everything else.

I felt so sorry for her, I know she was totally hurt. I can't stand the motherfucker, but he's her baby & she loves him no matter what. I just can't believe what a shit he is that he didnt call before she left to get him. The night before. What a fucking jackass.

HowEVER... I was suddenly delighted with life, & how amazing it is that it sometimes works out!!! Christmas was great! The grub was outstanding! D & I could go home & run up & down the stairs butt naked! So wonderful.
For me at least!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Xmas '09 from Kmae & Dmae

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Blessings, Love, & Light for a wonderful 2010!
KMae & DMae

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Lordie, It Won't Be Long Now.

Oh gosh. sigh. Don't know what happened, I WAS sorta doing well, but I forgot to take my meds one day, then I went down into the dregs of paralysis & suddenly balked at putting up the xmas tree.

I just couldn't stand to think of it. It was a skinny little $15 twiggy tree because I refuse to spend a ton on the trees anymore. And the bigger the tree, the longer it takes to light & decorate it. Luckily Doris put it up in the stand for me (after muttering her 'you can't do anything', she likes to tell me this regularly..)

The truth is I am sick of doing it all MYSELF with the Christmas decorations inside and out. This I CAN do. The other truth: I can't do anything else. ha! I actually can't. I vacum well. Can not clean, cook, wash clothes or dishes... So she IS right about all that.

So after D put the tree up in the livingroom, I put the lights on, then took 2 days decorating it. Now I need to add tinsel & it's done. I am sorta sad I got such a small. skimpy tree now as I KNOW I am fabulous at this, but just am sick of it after all these years.

ONCE I went for a decade with out a tree & didn't miss it. But since buying the house 16 yrs ago, got back into decorating. At first it was wonderful to have a home to celebrate holidays in, so romantic - my Babe & I !

All too soon I realized W_R_O_N_G !! Kiss those days GoodFuckingBye. Children, Grandchildren, Sisters, Neices & Nephews. GAWD Almighty. Such a DRAG. So NOT romantic. Shit fuck piss.

So OKAY. I got into it, best I could - which was pretty damn great with all the photo albums I made each year for everyone, & they DID appreciate it. Quit doing that 4 years ago when the money got cut down after 9/11. anyway, don't miss doing that, it's a relief in fact.

And I was doing the decorating & other presents for the grandkids when they were young. They are old now. They have their own lives even tho' they still come by & stay.

And then there is always that fucking Herman. Her youngest whom she loves so much & I absolutely detest his LAZY deadbeat ass all over the livingroom couches, watching MTV videos & using the phone as much as possible.

And of course he doesn't come if D doesn't send him a bus ticket to get here. He's 46 for fucking sake. I hate him. He's nothing but a bullshit con artist. But he IS part of her & she wants him here & doesn't want me to argue about it. So I gotta just eat it & go with the fucking flow. Oye fucking vey. What ever. Breathe.

Maybe this is why I suddenly froze about putting up the tree. Thank GOD I never had children to dissappoint the shit out of me. I'm so brilliant.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

This & That

I just got a cortizone shot in my R. thigh, ahhhh- that shot hurts like a MF but the burcitis pain is gone for the moment!!! Now just the heel spurs are killin' me. Least this isn't a terminal illness, it's just decrepidness!!! Look on the bright side I always say!!!

This was my latest entry on fb... Since then the pain has come back but I think it's the residual from the cortisone, it is a very thick white substance & is SO painful to take into the body... So I'm thinking that's the problem, I just cant remember if this happened 3 months ago when I last had this shot. Anyway...

I should mention Thanksgiving was GREAT!
D & her daughter/grandaughter didnt go to the Thanksgiving parade, instead we all met around 500pm that night at the neice's house in Burlington... hence they didnt stay over.

Also the youngest son didn't come so I escaped THAT aggravation.. although I shall now definately have to put up with him during Xmas. Still a few weeks before I have to deal with that. sigh.....

Tomorrow is the last fri nite for Monk - it's over for good. I lOVE that show. I hate that it's done. Shit shit shit. Can't wait to watch.

BTW the Dr is giving me a continued sick leave excuse until 4/3/10. Hope the company approves it. Because I sure can't go back to work. I got a cane, crutches, & a walker in the wings for the days I need it. Tonight I used a cane & a crutch trying to get to the john. Ha!

A Victoria's Secret commercial came on with all these gorgeous babes in wings & g strings, Doris was going ohhhhh... I was like honey you watch these lovely ladies while I hobble to the bathroom...
We just cracked up.
Guess you had to be here.