Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have flown with a wonderful FA twice since I wrote my last entry.  So I am ever so much happier.  I should know better about letting people steal my joy, but that was a hard one.  Sorry for my rant tirade, but I had to let it out!  I have 2 more trips this month, both with excellent women so it will be great!

This weekend is the Blogger's Getogether over at Sassyfemme's in Conn.  I could not go because of flying so much, only had sat/sun off & I HAD to rest.  Plus I'm broke.  Plus it snowed & I had to drive home thru all that weather after landing at midnight on fri.  So I am feeling bad about not getting to go.  Would love to meet all those fabulous bloggers I read all the time.  Drat.

So this is good...  Yesterday Doris & I joined a great gym/health club/fitness & wellness center.  It is very expensive, but they had a sale of $150 off as well as Sr. discounts, Doris wanted it, so I thought yeah!!!  Let me be supportive here, as she won't go to Weight Watchers with me.

Since this place is an affiliate of a hospital there is a nurse & it has every machine in the world!!!  2 pools, one for laps & one for water arobics (D's favorite,) bunches of classes, a real pilates studio with those big machines (this costs extra, but I always wanted to try those huge contraptions!) & best of all for me, a STEAM room!!  Also a healthfood restaurant.

I shall let go of the Curves membership which is so easy & try to get back in shape with this gym!  The people that have lost the most weight at WW have joined here, it is serious.  I am back up to 175 lbs, so hopefully this should help.  (Of course those damn desserts (cookies/ coffeecakes) I keep scarfing down at night have got to go.)  When, I don't know.  I feel rebellious & want to cram them in my mouth.  This makes no sense since I lost 50lbs before, so I know I can do it.  Guess I just didn't like doing it.  Why does what is good for us always have to be so hard??? 

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dumb-Ass Americans

I have been flying with the biggest bitch four days in a row.  A REPUBLICAN moron who not only Wants the war to continue (because she doesn't want another 9/11 - uh, like the rest of us do???)... 
She wants those soldiers there for her protection & she is SO SURE they all believe in what they're doing & want to stay there.  Of course her OWN children aren't there. 

Oh & not only is she a rePUBIClan (spelling on purpose) she wants Huckabee to win, she is born again & is not for choice & DOESN'T even believe in birth control.  Gawd what a imbecile.

Even though Doris & I have been together 26yrs (2 yrs more than she & her oh, so religious husband) we shouldn't have the right to get married since my lover doesn't have a dick.  (uhhh, do strap-ons count?) 

Oh. My. God.
She is just SO damn righteous, moral, good ....  NOT!!   She is a totally vain,  narcissistic, self-centered 'know it all' control freak & the  world revolves around her. 
Hello, Mother???
It was a miserable 4 days.

Also she "has a huge passion" to be a life coach against bullies saying that bullying during childhood is so seriously horrendous.  Interesting how she seems to be one of the biggest bullies I've met in adulthood.
I was nice to her the whole time because we had to work together, but at the end when we were walking to the employee bus she asked what Iwould tell other FA's about her (she KNOWS how I have no patience with lousy #1's..) 

I said among other things, that you're a f'in Republican.  She said you shouldn't talk about other people's political preference, it's personal.  I was like no WAY, I talk about it. She said that is slander.  I said it is NOT slander, oh wait- so you KNOW you're wrong?!  She said it's your tone, how you say it - you're just mad I'm Republican.  I said indignantly, I'm not mad,  I'm  disGUSTed.

The truth is I actually have some 'good' friends who are Republicans... even after this administration's fuck-ups of the last 8 years.  It's just baffling

It does certainly make me wonder why I'm friends with people who would vote for those that consider us second-class citizens, deny me equality & therefore don't support my very being.  Friends?  What, am I daft? 

They can all just suck my rather long, hard, bulbous, sweaty CLIT.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Essay on the Democratic Elections

A dear friend wrote saying she was surprised I didn't vote with Doris for Obama, that I didn't seem like a Hillary type!

Well, I am DEFINITELY a "Hillary type."  Totally.  (I am an OLD dyed in the wool feminist.)  (Four other women & I helped start "Stewardesses For Women's Rights" with the backup of Gloria Steinem & Betty Friedan in '69...)

Hillary is strong & powerful & focused.  She is smart & tough enough to stand up to everyone & break thru the glass ceiling!  I admire & respect her.  Wish I were more like her.  The youth of today have NO IDEA what we old farts had to go thru to get to this point for women,  NO idea. 

And in effect, young women do NOT care because they have come into their lives with entitlement, thanks to us all stomping around with no bras, hairy legs in our 'combat boots' demanding equal rights with our picket signs.  It's been a long, hard road for a fact.

Plus I loved Bill Clinton & thought he was a wonderful president & know he is So Damn Brilliant.  I would prefer that men (&/or women) would not fuck outside their marraige or relationships, but that is just not realistic, esp when they have so much power & charisma... I dont give a shit that he had other women & lied about it, hell who wouldn't have lied about it, & in fact HIS lies didn't kill anyone like Bush's fucking maniacal lies. 

Our economy was excellent when he was in office. 
I would LOVE it that he would be available to Hillary if she needed any kind of input on running the country.  She had been there thru it all with him & knows what it's about & what it takes. 

She would be SO wonderful, but America is still sexist & hold men higher than women.  Every time.  And I do think that many older women (perhaps myself included in spite of all my self worth work..) still have self hate deep within & immediately judge & compete with all successful women.
I think Barack Obama is wonderful & that he is pure light! I like his wife. I believe he is earnest & wants desperately to make a huge difference.  I do Not believe he has enough experience yet.  However if he is elected (& I think he very well could be!) I would support him.  I would however prefer Hillary WIN & Barack be Vice President & get more serious experience 4 or 8 yrs, & THEN become President.
Of course that is My Dream about the situation.  They would make a fabulous team, but I wonder if either one could put aside their ego to be Vice President when the other one eventually comes out on top?!  If they could, it would be perfection.  

I remember when Shirley Chisolm ran for President in '72 & I cried when I was able to vote for that possibility!

I remember when Geraldine Ferrero was nominated for Vice President in '84(?) & I cried when I was able to vote for that possibility!

I remember when Jesse Jackson ran for President  in '88 & I cried when I was able to vote for that possibility!

Actually... I wept with joy for all of the above, never thinking I would have ever lived to experience those potential realities.  Of course I was big-time, majorly disappointed when "my" candidates didn't make it.

I shall weep with pure joy if Hillary wins, I shall weep with pure joy if Barack wins!  The fact that we are here historically is beyond ecstasy! 

If either win, it will be BLISS!

If both win together, it will be Blessed Rapture!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I voted for Hillary today!!

Doris voted for Barack!!

So- we cancelled each other out.

It was fucking thrilling!

Monday, February 04, 2008

What a Great SUPERBOWL!

Well how much fun was the Superbowl this year!  I never thought the Giants had a chance, but WOW!  They were great!!!  It is actually amazing that I even give a shit as I've never been into male sports & all the testosterone poisoning that goes with it.  But this year I've started to actually understand & enjoy the games. 

Last night?  Excellent!!!!  Fun, fun fun! 

Perhaps because they all seem so young now & their cockiness doesn't bother me so much. 

Maybe because I'm starting to feel more violent in my old age.  (hmmm THIS can't be good.) 

Possibly because I've had Michael Strahan on 3 different flights & he has always been such a nice, polite gentleman.  (btw he is BIG!) 

Maybe because Doris enjoys it so much & it's fun to watch together.

Uhmm... all the humongous, round butts are a phenomenon..?  (dang! anybody else notice this??) 

Who the hell knows?  I can't believe it.  I actually like watching football.  yikes.

What's next?
Hockey tickets??

I doubt it.
Never ever ever EVER!

*Just a note:  I thought Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers was the LAMEST Superbowl half time in the history of the world.  <<<<snore.>>>> ~~~~c o m a~~~~ !!!!BANG!!!!(falling off the bed...)

Seriously folks.  If we have to watch old fart, brokedown, gnarly, crotchity whiteass boy/men bring back the Rolling Stones, at least they are still fun to watch & the songs are Exciting. 

Brown Sugar anyone??

Saturday, February 02, 2008

6 Days Later

Oh my gosh, am I tired!
     Just flew 4 days in a row.  phew!  I've GOT to not do that so much, really I am fucking 60 now for goodness sake.

When I got off the trip last night & was walking thru the terminal to the employee bus, I felt like I was going on vacation.  I have 5 whole days off now!  A sweet little FA picked up my trip on Sun. so I can be home for the Super Bowl.  That gave me a LOT of extra days off.  YAAhooIE!

So the new, exciting news is... wait for it... I got my HAIR cut!  8 inches!  THAT is a LOT for me!  Doris isn't pleased.  I knew she would freak, she likes me with long hair.  She has taken to calling me Baldy.  ha!  Ah, those sweet little nothings!  My hair is still below my shoulders, but just barely.  And it's layered.  What the fuck?!  I can't wear it down much because it is just too hot with all the fucking flashes, & has been for years now...  So I've taken to pulling it back into a ponytail, or a french braid rolled into a bun.. because a french braid down my back made me look like a fucking hare' krishna it was so long. ha!

NOW, I have a short little tapered ponytail or a short french braid!  It is so light!  I love it!  I may go shorter.  I MAY even look butch by the end of '08.  What the hell.  Wonder what she'll call me then?! 

Monty?  or Ralph?!  Ha!
Or how 'bout Beauregaurd?
Guess I'll be one of those nelly butches.

Or not.
Probably couldn't, even if I tried.

Pardon me...
I have to go work on my swagger.