Saturday, February 02, 2008

6 Days Later

Oh my gosh, am I tired!
     Just flew 4 days in a row.  phew!  I've GOT to not do that so much, really I am fucking 60 now for goodness sake.

When I got off the trip last night & was walking thru the terminal to the employee bus, I felt like I was going on vacation.  I have 5 whole days off now!  A sweet little FA picked up my trip on Sun. so I can be home for the Super Bowl.  That gave me a LOT of extra days off.  YAAhooIE!

So the new, exciting news is... wait for it... I got my HAIR cut!  8 inches!  THAT is a LOT for me!  Doris isn't pleased.  I knew she would freak, she likes me with long hair.  She has taken to calling me Baldy.  ha!  Ah, those sweet little nothings!  My hair is still below my shoulders, but just barely.  And it's layered.  What the fuck?!  I can't wear it down much because it is just too hot with all the fucking flashes, & has been for years now...  So I've taken to pulling it back into a ponytail, or a french braid rolled into a bun.. because a french braid down my back made me look like a fucking hare' krishna it was so long. ha!

NOW, I have a short little tapered ponytail or a short french braid!  It is so light!  I love it!  I may go shorter.  I MAY even look butch by the end of '08.  What the hell.  Wonder what she'll call me then?! 

Monty?  or Ralph?!  Ha!
Or how 'bout Beauregaurd?
Guess I'll be one of those nelly butches.

Or not.
Probably couldn't, even if I tried.

Pardon me...
I have to go work on my swagger.


dghtronly said...

Oooooo weeee... You Go!! Beaureguard...uhm I mean girl!  YOU GO GIRL!!!

Enjoy the Game!  Go Giants!
~~ Deborah

onetoughcookie43 said...

Welcome home!!
Isn't short hair just great!!! Enjoy it!!