Friday, September 30, 2005

Stream of Conscious

Well, the newest thing is trying to figure out what to wear at my upcoming 40th High School reunion.  Moo-moos & caftans are out.  haha.  Bought a black shroud today at Sears of all places.  There's not a lot I can do to hide my damn gutt sticking out .  It's embarrassing.  Drat.  Went to a Weight Watchers meeting again tonight.  I really like the meetings.  I feel like crying every time Im there.  Bawling, really.  Tomorrow I have to go out on a 3 day trip.  UGH for sure.  Hate being away from Doris that long.  Not to mention hate being on a plane that long.  yuc.  Roxie got a cute haircut yesterday & is so proud.  Doris has been walking her, much to my surprise.  She's trying to loose weight also.  She is doing a lot better than I am.  She cooked a great Salmon/grilled veggie/baked potato dinner tonight!  hmmmmmmmm. SO DAMN GOOD!!!  Im getting sleepy.  Time for Greg Furgeson.  He cracks me up.  Wow, my stream of conscious tonight is boring.  oh well.  At least Im not morose for now.  Actually I feel pretty happy.  I should not complain so much.  Im hungry, damn it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Complaining again

     Okay, Im tired.  Been back flying over a month now.  Not picking up extra trips for overtime, so Im NOT making any money.  My accounts are dwindeling down to practically empty (like my damn gass tanks) & I just dont have the steam to do real estate.  blaa...seriously not into to that right now.  Im too pooped.

      Next month I have picked up time & am scheduled for 85 hrs, but I doubt it will be enough.  I am paying this kid $100 to pick up a weekend trip so I can go to my 40th high school reunion.  The hotel will cost over $150.  The main ticket was $100.  The car rental will be a lot for sure, but gotta have a car, I SO love to drive by my old house... over & over!!  Wierd when all I ever did was want to get the hell away from there back in the day.  I really CANT afford this trip, but you know that wont stop me.  I am informing the elist group that I'll be going as Flotilla deBarge to warn them of my girth... I KNOW they are going to be shocked to see me this way.  I need courage to go being this fat.  I have nothing cool to wear, doubt moo moos or caftans will impress anyone. 

     One great thing, I have started Weight Watchers & have lost 5 lbs (this was my 3rd week.)  This has made me happy as I am really, really trying & finally I am seeing some progress!  Nevermind that I am starving to death, here!  I am eating more vegetables than I ever thought Id even look at in this lifetime.  Boy, was I ever lucky in the 1st part of my life that I could eat anything & everything & still look great.  Menopause sucks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Broken Computers

My gosh.  This durn contraption broke again.  Couldnt believe it, but got it back now, $90 later.  Amazing HOW MUCH I love my laptop.  Seems I couldnt use it for 2 whole weeks, that was really stressful, Gosh!  Im SO addicted to this dang computer.  Now, if ONLY I could learn how to fix it when it breaks. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Katrina Aftermath

     8 days have passed since Hurricane Katrina hit.  It's been SO horrible, I've felt paralyzed to write about it.  The government still hasnt done enough to help the poor, stranded people who by now have mostly been evacuated out of New Orleans to the Houston Astrodome & other warehouses. 

     It's good that at least Texas took many of them, but its still all so hideous.  The images of the insanity,  desparation & the stories are heart wrenching.  Just regular People are doing more than Bush & his administration, altho more help has been coming since he's been exposed.  What a racist bastard. 

     This country is SO divided that the Bushies are still behind him 100% saying he's been doing a great job.  I shake my head & my mouth just hangs open over that.  Many of these Bush buttlicking idiots are in my Texas high school class & I'll be seeing them at our 40th reunion next month.  Oh joy, oh rapture.  Texas Bush morons.  Other than that, they used to be great people.  sorta. 

     I should probably take the money I'll have to spend on that trip, donate it to the Red Cross & just blow them all off.  But of course, Im not that good,  I'll have to go & show everyone how fat Ive embarrassing.  "Miss Richardson 1965" is as big as a barge.  Plus, I love a lot of them.  Oh God, this is so trivial & petty compared to real life & the Katrina Tragedy.

     Anyway, back to the sad story at hand.  Ive cried with Doris everyday watching the news coverage & Oprah had really good programs for 2 days in NO & MS.  Tears streaming,  sobbing into paper towels,  it's overwhelmingly obscene,  so wrong,  just sad, sad, sad. 

     At the very least,  it's a good way to get rid of democratic voters..

At the most it's Genocide.  Blatent. 

Im mortified,  Can not imagine that kind of hell.  It hurts so bad.  Im mad at God.