Friday, September 30, 2005

Stream of Conscious

Well, the newest thing is trying to figure out what to wear at my upcoming 40th High School reunion.  Moo-moos & caftans are out.  haha.  Bought a black shroud today at Sears of all places.  There's not a lot I can do to hide my damn gutt sticking out .  It's embarrassing.  Drat.  Went to a Weight Watchers meeting again tonight.  I really like the meetings.  I feel like crying every time Im there.  Bawling, really.  Tomorrow I have to go out on a 3 day trip.  UGH for sure.  Hate being away from Doris that long.  Not to mention hate being on a plane that long.  yuc.  Roxie got a cute haircut yesterday & is so proud.  Doris has been walking her, much to my surprise.  She's trying to loose weight also.  She is doing a lot better than I am.  She cooked a great Salmon/grilled veggie/baked potato dinner tonight!  hmmmmmmmm. SO DAMN GOOD!!!  Im getting sleepy.  Time for Greg Furgeson.  He cracks me up.  Wow, my stream of conscious tonight is boring.  oh well.  At least Im not morose for now.  Actually I feel pretty happy.  I should not complain so much.  Im hungry, damn it.

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