Sunday, July 20, 2008


On Thur 7/17/08 Doris & I celebrated our 27th Anniversary!  pretty Amazing! 

We went to the shore at Ocean Grove, set our blue, hooded chairs up on the boardwalk & just chilled! 

It was a glorious day- sunny, blue skies, stratus clouds, Quiet, Peaceful, with a cooling breeze in the summer heat!  Seagulls & smaller birdies sailed above, butterflies hopped from flower to flower on the dunes, & that exquisite sound of waves crashing on the shore made a perfect, lazy afternoon into evening. 

We ate at our favorite Main Street 'joint' which is an old apothecary drug store/soda fountain turned into a great restaurant.  Love the Salmon Caesar salad there!

We had both gotten balloons & cards for each other, & Doris got us 3 pink roses!  I have to say it was So Great having the RV at the beach so there is always a bathroom handy.  Phew, man!  always gotta pee.

It was a wonderful day, love after 27yrs is a beautiful thing!  Comfortable & still vibrant!  I was so happy.  It was a perfect celebration.

Oh, also I cut my hair!  OFF!  SHORT!  This is the third cut in 2 months.  The first one took off 13 inches & was below the shoulders with hair going over my left eye.  Doris liked it okay but just stared at me the 1st day cause she never saw me without long hair.  She called me Veronica with that cut. 

Next I cut it above my shoulders as it was too hot wearing it down all the time. That took 8 more inches off & was a medium 'bob'.  Doris hated it & I did too.  It was too dull, she said I looked like an old church lady & I had to agree.  It looked like that 'doo' that Star Jones had with the glasses.  It was boring & I needed an edge. 

So a week ago off it all came.  6 more inches (looked like a dead varmint on the floor!)  Surprise of all surprises, after decades of long straight hair, the back is short & curly, the top & front I have to curl & I have a bit of a pomp!  It's so cute & Doris likes it (anything was better than the last) & she is now calling me Shortie.  She definitely liked my long hair the best, tho'.  It can always grow back.  But for now, I love it, it feels so light & cool for the summertime!  I'm happy!!!  I just need to learn how to do it, it will take time.  Sorry I don't know how to do pictures on this blog.  You'll just have to use your imagination!