Wednesday, September 27, 2006

stupid computers

I am so fricking annoyed, my dumbass laptop has just died & I can't even get into the internet, let alone write on my blog.  CRAP.  I mean I am So Pissed, I have payed SO much money to get my fucking Dell cleaned & redone over & over & I guess I just have to buy another fucking computer.  But I'm  b r o k e,  Dammit.

So if you don't hear from me anytime soon it means I am banging my head against a wall somewhere between trips as I will only be able to read you guys on layovers.  What a drag.  I don't want another Dell EVER.  (Well, it IS about 3 or 4 years old...) 

Does anyone else ever have this stupid, dumbass problem?  Shish.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nothing Much

Yesterday seemed like Corpus Christi here in New Jersey.  There was a warm, balmy & humid breeze wafting thru the air & it was quite pleasant.  But the nights are turning too cool, like 40 degrees & it's all happening so fast.  I'm flying my last Sept trip out tomorrow, & all too soon pumpkins, halloween & thoughts of (yikes) Thanksgiving & (crap) Xmas will be running thru our heads like tickertape, & biting wind will start blowing even more leaves down, raking will take the place of mowing & then the dreaded snowfalls start & God knows what else...  sigh. My back twinges just fretting about it all.

Well, so I finally lost 50 lbs & I have been eating everything in sight to my heart's content.  How STUPID am I????  Whatever, I'll get all the added weight off in another month.  I've got 6 weeks on maintenance now to try to keep the tonnage down, so I think I'll be able to do it.  Starving gets to be an art after awhile.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Did It!

I went to Weight Watchers today & finally, FINALLY have lost 50 lbs !!!   I am SO happy!  I can't believe it, it's a real Miracle!!  Oh, thank you God, Goddess Universe!  Now if I can just maintain the weight loss, I shall have won this battle.  At least for now.  I mean it is a constant vigilance & focus of inner power & control, so it will always be a fucking battle!  But wow, I did it this far.  It is a true accomplishment for me.  I feel proud and, well - relieved.  I look so much better!  Hell, I look great!  Esp for a 59 yr old fart! 

YEA ME!!!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Weekend

Well, this was the first whole weekend I had off all month: fri/sat/sun!  I had big hope it would be great.  WELL......

Fri it poured gray rain all day AND the wind blew a lot.  As if that wasn't enough, Doris & her sisters had to go to a funeral for their cousin's husband & it lasted all day.  They love to go to funerals, & there are a lot of them at THEIR age!!  It is always a great reunion for seeing everyone they grew up with.  And black folks really know how to celebrate "home goings" instead of the maudlin funerals we beige beings tend to have.  I however stayed HOME in BED all day.  humph!  Just couldn't do it as I got in at 0300am from flying thru the bad weather.

Unfortunately that day D's daughter called & said she & her daughter would be driving in from Maryland & coming over on Sat, early around 1100 or 12noon, were we going to be there?  I said sure, if you're coming by!  Okay fine.  I was NOT overjoyed because it was my ONLY whole weekend off & I DID want to do something great, BUT okay, whatever...

So Saturday I drug myself out of bed & vacumed & sprayed the house & put patcholi in the light bulb tray, even put on MAKE-up (hate that on a day off) & sat & waited for Doris' daughter & granddaughter to arrive.

By 300pm we gave it up & left to go into The City. We then had a great time just hanging out in the W. Village.

Shit.  Damn the frickin' daughter, she didn't even bother to call & say she wasn't coming afterall.  I seriously have ISSUES with that girl.  Like we don't have anything better to do than just sit here waiting all day for HER to get around to making an appearance.  Fucking annoying. 

So Sunday, did the choir thing at church, then out to eat Sun lunch/dinner with D's sister & HER daughter & granddaughter afterward.  It was pleasant enough...  But I haven't seen them for quite a while, I don't think this sister likes me anymore.  And the truth is, she has gotten on my nerves too.  Guess it's bound to happen after 25 yrs.  But she has been really obvious in not having anything to do with me lately.  So, I just don't care.  Screw her.  Fuck them all, I swear the whole family is so fucking dysfunctional.  Nothing like a whole weekend off to remember how I can't stand anyone. 

But... Doris adores them all, so the charade will continue. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Leaving On a Jet Plane

I'm flying out again today.  These past 3 days I've been so haunted by a sweet little pasgr from the last trip out.  He was an older black gentleman, distinguished, silver hair & mustache, Very handsome with clear, sparkling brown eyes sitting in coach.  I had spoken with him a couple of times on my way back & forth to the aft galley, what a beautiful smile! 

After landing in Lax he couldn't find his carryon suitcase.  I walked back & forth with him checking every over head bin.  No luggage.  I asked what color it was.  "dark."  Was it black, blue, brown I inquired?  "it may be dark green."  Okay I said & countinued searching.  Another FA said maybe he checked it.  He didn't think so.  I asked to see his ticket.  He couldn't remember where it was.  I looked inside his very neat, fastedious blazer & there it was in his breast pocket.  A claim stub was stapled to it!  Look, you have checked a bag, do you have more than one??  "No mam, just one."  Oh great well, you must have forgotten that you checked it, you will find it at baggage claim!  Where is that?  Downstairs, lower level, on carosel 4, just follow the signs.  Oh thank you so very much for your patience, Miss.  No problem sir, God bless you!  Big smile from both of us.

Oh My God.  After talking to another FA it hit me.  I really couldn't tell the whole flight that he was at all disoriented, esp working mainly up front.  She said he had come out of a lav & could not find his seat.  When she helped him, he had thought it was somewhere else.  But another woman said, no you're sitting here, see here's your newspaper.  He had looked baffled. 

Oh My God.  This dear, SO SWEET, neatly dressed, handsome senior citizen must have alzheimers.  Tears fell from my eyes.  It's so unfair.  How sad, how truly, truly horrible.  How can his family send him on a trip alone, & not even warn us to watch after him??  Had we known, we could have had someone meet the plane to help him.  We were in the van on the way to the hotel when we all put the parts of the puzzel together. 

So fucking sad.  I wonder if he knows it is starting.  I just feel wracked with saddness over it.

Monday, September 11, 2006


God!  It's on every damn channel.  I just can't take it.  The towers imploding over & over.  It's too much.  Hell, the 1st time was too much.  Remember that?  Glued to the TV for the whole day in shock & horror.  And for those of us who lived around here, the thick air & smell was a putrid reminder for weeks afterward.  There are no words.  Now, there are movies & recorded 911 calls.  And today the whole thing yet again as a memorial tribute. The reading of the names takes hours.  Can't fucking stand it.  Most of the Flight Attendants I work with specifically bid this day off.  It's too much, even now.

Flew in with Armand Assante onboard last night.  He is still extremely handsome.  Hell, he's gorgeous!  And VERY polite.  He's so nice & barely asks for anything other than diet coke.  He wore cowboy boots, jeans, big belt buckle, a beige 'tucked in' tuxedo shirt unbuttoned down enough with tufts of dark & silver hair on his chest showing.  And he still has lots of dark hair on his head. He kept highlighting his script & writing notes all over it.  And did I mention POLITE?  A real gentleman. 

There were many other nice passengers, too.  Only 2, well maybe 3 assholes in the whole load. 

The good & the bad.  Life goes on.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Doris' Talents

The dang toilet was leaking from the tank.  45 minutes later, Doris had fixed It.  At least for the night.  The old girl's still got it!!  Thank GOD.  And thank Doris!

I woulda had to use a bucket.  Well at least I would then have a picture to send to Syd's White trash collection.  ha!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Rude Awakening & Good ending

I have GAINED 1 & 1/2 lbs back, I am SO annoyed.  Damn. I swear, the older you are, the harder it gets.  I am trying to go back to Curves, but I so hate to exercise... even tho' that HAS to be the easiest way.  It seems that running my ass off 30,000 ft up just isn't enough, seems SO unfair. Ratshit.

As if that isn't enough, the (fucking) next door dog was outside barking at 0600 AM this morning, waking me UP DAMN IT.  I feel enraged enough to seriously commit a crime.  Syd, it's a good thing I don't have any of your firearms nearby. 

I so want to go back to sleep, but I can't. 

Stupid neighbors.

Thank GOD this is a day off.

=========== Later on, 800pm ==========

Well, this turned out to be a GREAT day!!!  Doris & I went to the beach (after I took a 1000 am morning nap) & had a wonderful day!!!  God it was so beautiful there today!  We sat on our favorite boardwalk bench & just zoned out!  After sitting there 2 hrs we got up & actually walked the boards from Ocean Grove to Asbury Park & back!  Then dinner at our favorite place there & here we are back home!  

Perfection!    YEA!!!!!                

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Well it's Labor Day Monday & I have to work.  boooo.  It figures.  Doris is doing the ole seasonal BBQ for some of her family...  Wish I could stay.  My sign-in isn't until 1600 (4pm) so I've been straightening up around here. 

Yesterday I mowed the sorry-looking lawn (I couldn't get rid of the damn grubs, Weese. Dang the grass was fine & all of a sudden - dead spots. It happens so fast.)   I washed the dog so she wouldn't stink (poor Roxie) & I dusted & cleaned off the piano.  (That was a hard job!)  It had become one dusty catch-all. 

Today I'll vacuum & empty all the trashes before I leave.  I usually do that anyway.  sigh.  I wish I didn't have to go.  Guess I should try to stay grateful for a job.  And at least the sign in isn't early in the morning.  And I'm flying with my old (fart! heh!) buddybidding partners this month, which is both a blessing & a curse because I have missed them, but they keep talking about quitting when we turn 60 next year... but I won't be able to afford to do that.  It's starting to annoy me. 

So much for all that.  I gotta start putting on war paint now.  You know those old biddy's you see in the grocery stores that wear too much make-up, & can't even get their eyebrows on straight because they can't see anymore, not even with their big 8X mirrors?  That would be ME.

Y'all enjoy the holiday! 

And ROSIE is on The View tomorrow!!  Can't wait!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Here comes the depression

It's a dreary, rainy, yucky Saturday.  What's worse, it's Labor Day weekend.  LABOR DAY WEEKEND.  shit.  Where did the summer go???  I'm SO damn depressed summer is over.  WAAAaaaa!  I love summer.  But it's over.  Gone.  Oh, Boo hoo hoo. 

I should really be living in California or some other state where it's  perpetually beautiful summer weather.  But D won't move anywhere.  She wants to be here. 

So here I am.  With her.  So she can holler & yell at me for wanting to get on my laptop & then when she expresses That displeasure, she bellows at me because I want to change the channel from the dumbass "Killer Bees" movie she is watching on Sci-fi.

It seems that I give her "no peace." 

Sigh.  Sweet little wonderful Doris.  Yeah, where the hell is SHE this morning?  And who is this fucking maniac pod person in her place?

Did I mention we are still in bed?  What a waste. 

====================== 9 Hours Later========================

Things are fine now.  We watched "The Birdcage" which always makes us both laugh a lot. 

Finally got up & went for groceries & dinner.  Home now back in BED, yea! 

Doris is that's peace.