Saturday, September 02, 2006

Here comes the depression

It's a dreary, rainy, yucky Saturday.  What's worse, it's Labor Day weekend.  LABOR DAY WEEKEND.  shit.  Where did the summer go???  I'm SO damn depressed summer is over.  WAAAaaaa!  I love summer.  But it's over.  Gone.  Oh, Boo hoo hoo. 

I should really be living in California or some other state where it's  perpetually beautiful summer weather.  But D won't move anywhere.  She wants to be here. 

So here I am.  With her.  So she can holler & yell at me for wanting to get on my laptop & then when she expresses That displeasure, she bellows at me because I want to change the channel from the dumbass "Killer Bees" movie she is watching on Sci-fi.

It seems that I give her "no peace." 

Sigh.  Sweet little wonderful Doris.  Yeah, where the hell is SHE this morning?  And who is this fucking maniac pod person in her place?

Did I mention we are still in bed?  What a waste. 

====================== 9 Hours Later========================

Things are fine now.  We watched "The Birdcage" which always makes us both laugh a lot. 

Finally got up & went for groceries & dinner.  Home now back in BED, yea! 

Doris is that's peace. 



dghtronly said...

Oh dear, sorry the sun isn't shining (outside or in).  At least you're not laboring on this Labor Day weekend day. I hope the sun comes up soon for you.


syd888 said...

I love my wife, but GOD DAMN - I know the "peace" of which you speak.

wordsrock said...

Your weekend sounds much like the weekend Wendy and I are experiencing... except without the bitchy pod partner interlude.  And without The Birdcage because we both hate Robin Williams.  We watched Dead Man Walking instead.  Didn't laugh much at that one... heh.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday!

zannetoro said...

OH I feel your pain! Bloody rain! I never left my house or my couch for that matter...hope the rest of the holiday is peaceful :) and fun!

sassyfemmect said...

We've been doing so much running around I wish we were having some quiet movie time, maybe tomorrow - or maybe I'll shop more!  Oh hell, we just need a couple more days ot this long weekend to do it all!  :)  Glad all is fine w/you two now.  

bentfabric77 said...

The Birdcage is a classic

sunflowersnstone said...

I don't like rain at all. As a matter of fact if I get wet I kinda freak out. I just hate the rain and yeah, it's depressing big time. The sky is all dark, nobody is in a good mood and well, it's wet. Nothing to like about it.