Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nothing Much

Yesterday seemed like Corpus Christi here in New Jersey.  There was a warm, balmy & humid breeze wafting thru the air & it was quite pleasant.  But the nights are turning too cool, like 40 degrees & it's all happening so fast.  I'm flying my last Sept trip out tomorrow, & all too soon pumpkins, halloween & thoughts of (yikes) Thanksgiving & (crap) Xmas will be running thru our heads like tickertape, & biting wind will start blowing even more leaves down, raking will take the place of mowing & then the dreaded snowfalls start & God knows what else...  sigh. My back twinges just fretting about it all.

Well, so I finally lost 50 lbs & I have been eating everything in sight to my heart's content.  How STUPID am I????  Whatever, I'll get all the added weight off in another month.  I've got 6 weeks on maintenance now to try to keep the tonnage down, so I think I'll be able to do it.  Starving gets to be an art after awhile.


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