Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nominating Barack

Watching history being made tonight!  Soon Barack will accept the nomination...  I was for Hillary & am dissappointed she was not chosen for VP.  pissed actually.  BUT I shall be happy for Obama & support the democrats.  Why ANYone would vote for 4 more years of Republican bullshit is beyond me.  But if Dumb Butts did it for the last TWO terms, I supposed it is possible.  Hopefully NOT. 

Doris came home from the hospital where she ended up 3 days with a bad UTI, Kidney infection.  She was SICK & now is home trying to build up her stregnth.  I am RELIEVED.  phew!

I am down to 158 lbs now.  Yea!  I am doing well at WW. 

I am flying out to Lax tomorrow & life goes on.

Now, let's get down the nomination of the first Black president!!!  Oh yeah.