Monday, May 24, 2010


Hey I'm 63 today!!!
I am grateful to have made it!!! YAY!!!
This is the best birthday I ever had! Why you may ask??

Because I don't have to go back to work!!!!! EVER!!!!
Yup. The best present in life!!!

Always before I'd have to bid my birthday off (ALWAYS thought it should have been an instant holiday) & then days off around that to try & stay home from flying. But not any more!!!!
OMG It is just too great to be true!!
Life is so damn fabulous!!

My birthday was always a really BIG DEAL each year to me (maybe because I was adopted) but after retirement last month, having a birthday seems like small potatoes. Nothing is as great as retiring! It is MAJOR.

Today Doris had lots of big balloons, beautiful flowers & wonderful cards for me! Then we went to Perkins for spinach, bacon, tomato egg white omlettes & PANCAKES. YUMOLA!!

Okay I have got to seriously start dieting again tomorrow. Yeah, WW says it's not a diet, it's a LIVE IT bla bla bla. I am seriously out of control eating cakes & all kinds of crap. I am way over 200 lbs again. It has gotten to the point that I can't hide it in big 4xxxx tee shirts anymore, the butt & the gutt are taking up new zip codes.

However fuck it. For today. Which is how this has happened in the 1st place.

I am still so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
I'm 63 & here to tell the tale!
I love my life.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thoughts Of being An Old Dyke in answer to Maria on "Our Big Gayborhood"

I love being an Old Dyke. There’s a peaceful SAGE sorta vibe we acquire, (when we’re not attempting to spaz out like we're still 30.) I’m no longer desperate to fuck my brains out so much ( hardly ever frankly) because hot flashes have dried me out like the Sahara & well – I am rather exhausted from life in general. (I was wild & crazy back in the day & believe me it takes a toll!) I lounge around in retirement & Languish in the delight of awakening next to the most gorgeous Woman I chose for myself over 28yrs ago, & who is still Babelishes after all these decades!! I am in awe of my happiness & grateful to have made it this far in the battle of Love & Life & with the lessons I have (or haven’t) learned along the way. It is rather amazing there is still so much more to do & glean, & a relief that I no longer have to accomplish any of it if I don’t want to. There is not much more to prove to myself or anyone else, & I thank God, Goddess, Universe everyday for the honor of basking in the glow of making it to Now!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Club EWR Luncheon 2010 04.wmv

Loving Retirement

The Three Musketeers ~ Defying scurvy cross-country

Well Heavens to Murgatroid!
Who would ever think there is so much to do in retirement?!
Not that it's anything in particular. Just stuff.

There's so much time in the day that I stay in bed forever & languish....

REST! ahhhhhh. So under-rated. So wonderful! So easy & peaceful.

There's time to get the bills written & sent before it's too late & I'm charged for being tardy.

There's time to go to meetings.
And Dr.'s.
And the gym.
And to sit in bed & get on FB for hours.

There's time to eat out-
brunch & then dinner later if we want.
Time to meet old friends for lunch...

Went to a Club EWR (Newark Airport Flight Attendants) luncheon where they surprised me with Retirement balloons, a HUGE congratulations card with a gillion signatures & well wishes (SO COOL!) & a large sheet cake with 'Congratulations Kathy, have a Wonderful Retirement!' It was so sweet & fun. I felt SO happy!

Then a few weeks later met my buddy-bidders of over 3 decade
s (Pam & Marilyn - 'Parilyn') for brunch in The City with my Honey! They brought retirement balloons & beautiful pink roses! It was WONDERFUL to see them again, I miss them both SO damn much!
We laughed for 3 hrs solid & said can you believe we are all actually retired now ????

They retired 2 yrs before me at 60. I was SO depressed I couldn't afford it & a bit resentful towards D for not paying her bills so I could have retired with them. I finally got on anti-depressants last year, & felt better, less bitter & less pissy.

Anyway, I thought there would be nothing to do once one retires, but I'm shocked to find out there is even more... not that I'm doing much of it... the days seem to run out before I even think about starting to accomplish ANY chore. Not that I'm worried. I feel like I've accomplished enough for awhile...


Oh! Soaps are on.
Gotta go languish!

Hah! Life is SWEET!