Friday, May 14, 2010

Thoughts Of being An Old Dyke in answer to Maria on "Our Big Gayborhood"

I love being an Old Dyke. There’s a peaceful SAGE sorta vibe we acquire, (when we’re not attempting to spaz out like we're still 30.) I’m no longer desperate to fuck my brains out so much ( hardly ever frankly) because hot flashes have dried me out like the Sahara & well – I am rather exhausted from life in general. (I was wild & crazy back in the day & believe me it takes a toll!) I lounge around in retirement & Languish in the delight of awakening next to the most gorgeous Woman I chose for myself over 28yrs ago, & who is still Babelishes after all these decades!! I am in awe of my happiness & grateful to have made it this far in the battle of Love & Life & with the lessons I have (or haven’t) learned along the way. It is rather amazing there is still so much more to do & glean, & a relief that I no longer have to accomplish any of it if I don’t want to. There is not much more to prove to myself or anyone else, & I thank God, Goddess, Universe everyday for the honor of basking in the glow of making it to Now!


Maria said...

You are so much farther along than I am in your spiritual journey. Instead of celebrating, I sort of want to yell expletives, especially when my trick knee gives out as I am walking into the office.

KMae said...

Maria because you haven't retired yet, silly!!! I dont HAVE to go to work anymore, so I can now just lounge around!!!
I am however pissed off my last stupid proceedure isn't working that well.