Friday, March 31, 2006

Dog Attack

I picked up an extra posistion, 2 day lax trip for overtime.  This will bring my hours for Mar up to 99.45.  phew!  And I'll be bringing 6 hrs into Apr.  I'm exhausted, but I need the OT. 

Big announcement!  I've now lost 34 lbs!!!  Geese, that last lb took almost a whole month to drop.  shit.  This ain't for sissies.  Weight Watcher meetings really help.

Doris just came running in, screaming my name.  She was walking Roxie & a dog ran up, grabbed Roxie by the neck & started shaking her.  Let me just say, I hate Pit Bulls.  I know they can be raised dociley, but they can become treacherously dangerous.  Same with Rott Wilders.  There was a similar incident with another dog attack with a Rotty 2 yrs ago.  All puppies are precious, but certain animals can become so ferocious in a split second. 

Roxie seems to be okay.  Thank God, Doris was not hurt & able to help protect her.  The owner intervened.  Stupid bitch.  Get's a pit bull mix from the pound for her dumbass 7yr old grandson.  What a fucking moronic idiot.  Some families are all so stupid it hurts.  That dog tried to kill my poor little Roxie. Maybe it will eat up Adam, their pestering grandkid. I'm pissed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flight Attendants are Nice!

I love Flight Attendants, I really do.  This was a great month, all 4 of us were wonderful!  Seriously.  My #1 was SO efficient, fast, good, always thought of EVERYthing I might need in advance & had it there for me so I could throw it all out with perfect precision.  AND she is beautiful, very cool & sweet.  Barbara.  We flew 2 months in a row!  I was amazed she told folks she was really enjoying working with me.  It was just wonderful.  Hope we can do it again in May.  Next month I'll be doing the #5 extra posistion, floating around from trip to trip without a real crew.  She'll be back on the Super80 DFW turn-arounds.  I think she will miss me.  I KNOW she will miss the 757.  What a pleasant, professional she is, I'd have to say the best #1 yet. 

     That's the thing about Flight Attendants...  We are all so different from each other, but so nice.  And we know how to WORK.  Esp the older ones (ahem!...)  (I won't  go into the lazyass youth of today here, but suffice it to say I am much happier with senior FA's).  It's been a great month.  With the exception of being exhausted from doing so much overtime, I'm almost sorry it's over. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reading new blogs

Not that I have a lot of spare time lately, but I've been reading new blogs I find here & there.  Some are great!!  Others of course, suck boredom out of dust bunnies.  It's amazing how this journaling phenonemon is so enticing & addicting.

Of course, if someone just dropped in here to visit, they would think I'm totally focused on loosing tonage, (which I suppose I am, since it seems to be working) but there's other stuff at KMae, too.  Like loving women mainly... & trudging around the skies 40,000 ft up, bitching about life here & there, & oh well I'll say it - growing old (der.)

Gotta fly back out to LA this afternoon, so time for the warpaint.  I picked this trip up for overtime, so am looking fwd to working with Nancy & Michelle.  Just had Brittany Murphy on board last night, she looks like Nancy...albeit 20 yrs younger.  She was sweet, vivacious, cute & easy to talk with & traveling with her mother. 

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My new nude bra

Well first of all, I went back & corrected my last entry - for some reason I'd written  my old bras were 42AA, when in fact they were 42DD for goodness sakes.  I had some fat girls, for sure.  Too enormous for me!                         

So I just went to Nordstroms & had a new bra fitting.  Can not believe I'm now a 38G....  huh??  What the hell is a G ???  It comes after DDD.  Heavens to Murgatroid! 

Not to mention, bras that size (DDD, G...) are all at least $50 plus.  Shit.  If any of you larger women out there know where to find cheaper over the shoulder boulder holders, please let me know.  Good grief.  Hopefully when I loose 20 more lbs, I'll fit into a regular size.

So when I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers this week, I had not lost squat.  crap.  At least I didn't gain.  Guess I'd better start exercising more than just Curves. 

So, Doris & I just bought new bicycles last night.  (Oh great, just what we need to add to our other 4!)  Well these happen to have big banana handles with gears (so you don't have to bend over to wreck your back) & big, fat bicycle seats for our very ample buttocks.  (BUooo tocks!) 

Okay so we'll look rather dorkey with our navy blue (mine, girl's... her's boy's) bikes peddeling around the hood, but it was either that or those adult-style tricicyles.  Guess that will be next on the horizon.  The new bikes are Schwinns & were only $99 on sale at Targets!

Well, the time has come to get ready to fly out again.  This week I'll be flying 6 (S I fucking X) days in a row.  That will be 3, back to back, 2-day lax trips.  God help me, I pray I don't get sick!  I really am broke after all this, & I gotta make some overtime. 

Peace out! 

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A weight loss tally

Good grief, these 2 days off between trips this month are zooming bye so fast.  It was good to get back home & have Doris all to myself.  I finally got Roxie groomed so she looks like a Schnauzer again, instead of Benjie.  The groomer said she bites when she does her nails, I was mortified, never knew that.  Really embarrassing. 

I also took my uniform in to the tailor since it's pretty much hanging off me, I've lost so much weight.  33 1/2 lbs. (Just love saying that!)  My Flight Attendant friends have been strongly suggesting I do so, so I finally bit the bullet.  I get it back on fri, & I'm worried that I'll bust out my trousers when I sit down now.

Truth be told, I LIKE wearing baggy clothes.  Like ALL the time.  I really don't want to give them up.  But just about everything I have is big on me.  What a difference.  It's a miracle, actually.

And I won't go into my bra's.  42DD underwires.  Sheesh.  I'm swimming in them now.  Never did think fat breasts were attractive, but they are for SURE not now.  Swinging, pendulous beanbags come to mind.  Oh well, at 58 it's no big deal. 

Better than having a giant ass the size of Texas, altho' my butt is now starting to look pancake flat.... a white girl fatality all too often. 

Unfortunately I still have a big gutt...  that may Never go, altho I'm doing situps by the hundreds.  Gee whiz.  I must say though, it is great NOT to be SO big now, & really more comfortable.  I was ashamed. 

I still have quite a ways to go, probably about 20 or so more lbs.  And it is getting harder it seems. 

I wonder if I'll be able to maintain all this loss once I finally attain it.   I see some folks at Weight Watchers that do!  You have to be really determined, THAT's for sure.  And I have been determined.

But unlike others, I can't take an extra bite here, or a cookie or taste of ice cream there.  I'm such a food addict (hell, I'm an everything addict) it would send me on a binge.  Don't need or want that!  I'm still always hungry.  Hopefully someday I'll get that under control along with portion control.  What a fucking pain in the ass this all is.  

I DESPERATELY MISS GORGING!!!  I never feel full.  I have to retrain my mind.  What a fucking impossible chore!

Is there Anything more boring than an old fart blithering on & on about her diet???  I think not.  So I'll stop.  I hear all your sighs of relief!!!  Oh well, throw this one on yet another boring blog pile.  Sooner or later I'm bound to get inspired to write something of interest.  Until then, ta ta.       BLOBaLULA signing off.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lonely out of town

God, I have NO good sense of humor tonight.  Long flight to lax, psgrs were nice enough, just all the turbulence & major head winds that made this flight almost 6 hrs long. 

Had to leave Doris on a beautiful, warm weekend (it's saturday.)  The boys were over for a visit, maybe it's just as well I had to leave.  Grandkids.  big ones.  Brought all their laundry for Doris to do.  Annoyed me, but then she does MY laundry so what could I say?  They called at 0900 which woke me up, damn it.  Grandma, don't forget to come get us.  Then they were sleeping when I did finally, begrudgingly leave around 230p.  When I called from the airport, D said they were still asleep.  Nice THEY are getting some frickin' rest.  In the middle of the day.  Can't they do that at THEIR own home?  humph..

God, what is wrong with me???  I want a relationship with just you & me, NOBODY else.  Not grandkids, not kids, not sisters, not brothers, not parents, not dumb butt friends, not other tubettes at Curves, no one.  I need an island, just you & me, a big kingsize bed, oh uh, and a big TV! 

And maybe some grilled vegetables & popcorn. 

And a computer. 

Monday, March 06, 2006

The world is just too homophobic.

Oh, I'm SO dissappointed.  Crash won best picture tonight instead of Brokeback Mountain.  Yeah okay, Crash was really great, all about everybody's predjudices (except for gay issues) & I really DID like the film.  But I was SO hoping Brokeback would win since it was about homosexuality & how you waste your whole life just living in the closet.  I felt bad, I just so wish society would accept us all.  Fuck it.  I guess I should have been grateful the movie made it THIS far.  Doris was glad Crash won.  Pissed me off.  I felt it just shows how she is so much more into identifying with Black predjudice than gay homophobia.  She is so much more in the closet than I, & she is happy that way.  There's no way I can change that now that she's 70 yrs old.  Whatthefuckever. 

Other than that, it was a great night sitting in bed, eating popcorn, drinking Perrier & watching the Emmy's!  Doris had cooked a great dinner earlier, chicken drumsticks potatoes & brocolli.  Big biscuits, too!  damn, I couldn't resist.  I gave myself permission since I lost 2 more lbs last week at weight watchers!  I've now dropped 33 lbs !!!  I hope I can keep it off. 

Friday, March 03, 2006

Oh, boo. Gotta go back out.

     Well, there was supposed to be a HUGE snowfall again yesterday.  I had gone to the store & stocked up on food & we anticipated an easy, lazy day watching the flakes float down.  It was a day off for me, I was relieved not to stress over driving to work & just relaxed into the weather reports.

     Ahhh, uhm...  well,.... there was a lot of sleet.  Not much snow, not even an inch - yea!  Didn't have to shovel, hooray!  All that hoopla for naught.  But I'm not complaining here.

     So now I'm getting ready to hit the road again.  Gig city.  Up, up & away to the friendly skies.  Can't wait to come back home on sat. night.  Looking fwd to watching The Academy Awards on Sun with Doris.  We've seen most of the movies, I'm into it this year, there were so many good ones.  Wonder if I'll see any of the stars, etc going out to LA on my flight this evening.  It's friday, so most of them are probably there already.  But you never know.