Friday, March 03, 2006

Oh, boo. Gotta go back out.

     Well, there was supposed to be a HUGE snowfall again yesterday.  I had gone to the store & stocked up on food & we anticipated an easy, lazy day watching the flakes float down.  It was a day off for me, I was relieved not to stress over driving to work & just relaxed into the weather reports.

     Ahhh, uhm...  well,.... there was a lot of sleet.  Not much snow, not even an inch - yea!  Didn't have to shovel, hooray!  All that hoopla for naught.  But I'm not complaining here.

     So now I'm getting ready to hit the road again.  Gig city.  Up, up & away to the friendly skies.  Can't wait to come back home on sat. night.  Looking fwd to watching The Academy Awards on Sun with Doris.  We've seen most of the movies, I'm into it this year, there were so many good ones.  Wonder if I'll see any of the stars, etc going out to LA on my flight this evening.  It's friday, so most of them are probably there already.  But you never know. 


sunflowersnstone said...

if you see um, let me think, if you see Drew Barimore tell her to call me. lol


kmb524 said...

Ohhh, Drew Barrymore, never have had her onboard!!!  What a doll.  Get in line, Aussie!! HAHAHA!