Monday, March 06, 2006

The world is just too homophobic.

Oh, I'm SO dissappointed.  Crash won best picture tonight instead of Brokeback Mountain.  Yeah okay, Crash was really great, all about everybody's predjudices (except for gay issues) & I really DID like the film.  But I was SO hoping Brokeback would win since it was about homosexuality & how you waste your whole life just living in the closet.  I felt bad, I just so wish society would accept us all.  Fuck it.  I guess I should have been grateful the movie made it THIS far.  Doris was glad Crash won.  Pissed me off.  I felt it just shows how she is so much more into identifying with Black predjudice than gay homophobia.  She is so much more in the closet than I, & she is happy that way.  There's no way I can change that now that she's 70 yrs old.  Whatthefuckever. 

Other than that, it was a great night sitting in bed, eating popcorn, drinking Perrier & watching the Emmy's!  Doris had cooked a great dinner earlier, chicken drumsticks potatoes & brocolli.  Big biscuits, too!  damn, I couldn't resist.  I gave myself permission since I lost 2 more lbs last week at weight watchers!  I've now dropped 33 lbs !!!  I hope I can keep it off. 


nfluxus said...

Wow, 33, that's great. I go to my meeting tomorrow. I've lost 8 so far so if I lose 2 more people will clap. Oh joy. Although, I wasn't so good tonight. We went out to a Mexican restaurant. The devil's food, packed with points and ready to pounce. We'll see.

kmb524 said...

Elizabeth!  Congrats on loosing so much already!!  Altho, Mexican (YUM!!!) is an easy way to sabatoge our efforts.  Hell, whatever!!  Ya gotta break out SOMEtimes & gorge.  Man do I miss gorging.  I'll probably write a whole blog thing about it soon.  I've tried to reach you at nfluxus@aol, but it didnt go thru.  I miss ya, Curly says she misses you too!  All your fans are waiting for your next epistle. xxoo

sunflowersnstone said...

when i watch survivor i want the black people to win more than the white people. when the last gay guy was on there i rooted for him simply because he was gay. he wasn't a stereotype and i liked that a lot. i rooted for him above everyone else. had there been a black person to root for i'm not sure how it would have played out.
i dont know how much politics played in BBM not winning. just think if it had won the uproar from the extremists (sp) might have caused too much trouble. in fact, it might have hit too many in the pocket book. extra man hours to see to all the hate crimes due to the movie winning.
i know people keep saying that they dont care who is gay as long as they dont throw it in their face. that is a double message actually. that i think about it the statement cancels itself out. they care whos gay but they wont think about it unless they see someone gay. you know what though? hetero's put their "love" in my face every day. i dont go holding up signs at their funerals like they are doing to other hetero's because they claim the US harbors us gays. they are a violent and hatefilled group those hetros.