Friday, March 31, 2006

Dog Attack

I picked up an extra posistion, 2 day lax trip for overtime.  This will bring my hours for Mar up to 99.45.  phew!  And I'll be bringing 6 hrs into Apr.  I'm exhausted, but I need the OT. 

Big announcement!  I've now lost 34 lbs!!!  Geese, that last lb took almost a whole month to drop.  shit.  This ain't for sissies.  Weight Watcher meetings really help.

Doris just came running in, screaming my name.  She was walking Roxie & a dog ran up, grabbed Roxie by the neck & started shaking her.  Let me just say, I hate Pit Bulls.  I know they can be raised dociley, but they can become treacherously dangerous.  Same with Rott Wilders.  There was a similar incident with another dog attack with a Rotty 2 yrs ago.  All puppies are precious, but certain animals can become so ferocious in a split second. 

Roxie seems to be okay.  Thank God, Doris was not hurt & able to help protect her.  The owner intervened.  Stupid bitch.  Get's a pit bull mix from the pound for her dumbass 7yr old grandson.  What a fucking moronic idiot.  Some families are all so stupid it hurts.  That dog tried to kill my poor little Roxie. Maybe it will eat up Adam, their pestering grandkid. I'm pissed.


nfluxus said...

Are you going to report the dog? You should. Next time it might be a little kid it attacks. I'm glad they got out of that unscathed. That's a very scary situation to be in.

nfluxus said...

Also...contrats on the 1lb. loss!!!!  ~elizabeth