Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reading new blogs

Not that I have a lot of spare time lately, but I've been reading new blogs I find here & there.  Some are great!!  Others of course, suck boredom out of dust bunnies.  It's amazing how this journaling phenonemon is so enticing & addicting.

Of course, if someone just dropped in here to visit, they would think I'm totally focused on loosing tonage, (which I suppose I am, since it seems to be working) but there's other stuff at KMae, too.  Like loving women mainly... & trudging around the skies 40,000 ft up, bitching about life here & there, & oh well I'll say it - growing old (der.)

Gotta fly back out to LA this afternoon, so time for the warpaint.  I picked this trip up for overtime, so am looking fwd to working with Nancy & Michelle.  Just had Brittany Murphy on board last night, she looks like Nancy...albeit 20 yrs younger.  She was sweet, vivacious, cute & easy to talk with & traveling with her mother. 

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nfluxus said...

So you meet all kinds of celebrities eh? You should make a list. ~Elizabeth