Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lonely out of town

God, I have NO good sense of humor tonight.  Long flight to lax, psgrs were nice enough, just all the turbulence & major head winds that made this flight almost 6 hrs long. 

Had to leave Doris on a beautiful, warm weekend (it's saturday.)  The boys were over for a visit, maybe it's just as well I had to leave.  Grandkids.  big ones.  Brought all their laundry for Doris to do.  Annoyed me, but then she does MY laundry so what could I say?  They called at 0900 which woke me up, damn it.  Grandma, don't forget to come get us.  Then they were sleeping when I did finally, begrudgingly leave around 230p.  When I called from the airport, D said they were still asleep.  Nice THEY are getting some frickin' rest.  In the middle of the day.  Can't they do that at THEIR own home?  humph..

God, what is wrong with me???  I want a relationship with just you & me, NOBODY else.  Not grandkids, not kids, not sisters, not brothers, not parents, not dumb butt friends, not other tubettes at Curves, no one.  I need an island, just you & me, a big kingsize bed, oh uh, and a big TV! 

And maybe some grilled vegetables & popcorn. 

And a computer. 


sunflowersnstone said...

I'm taking your advice, I'm only going to date orphans. it's the easy way to go. Can you imagine a personal add with the title, Orphans Only For Love and Life, if you know any of your family please do not waste my time by answering this add. I"ve already been down the road with people that have living relatives...etc, etc. etc.


oh, and thanks for your comment about my poetry. I wont be sending it to the mother though. she's a helfer, an eater of dog poo, a beater of dead horses and the sucker of life and spirit from anything with breath. I wouldnt waste a frikin stamp on that woman.

nfluxus said...

LOL...I like the 'and a computer' part. I can only imagine the frustration. Luckily for me Maxine is effectively an only child. Her parents live miles away and her sons live with their fathers. It makes for a nice quiet life. Although we make up for it with three dogs.

My new email is eb(at)ebaileyonline(dot)com. I'll be starting somethin' soon. Really, it's true!

After my Mexican food week I lost .6. At least I lost. However, you'd think then I'd be good this past week? Uh...I don thin so. I was so bad on Saturday. If I could take back Saturday I'd probably be fine. And then, yesterday Maxine made cookies. I resisted temptation. I will resist temptation. I will continue to resist temptation...I think.