Thursday, September 29, 2011

200 lbs.

Last fri my babe & I
went to the movie matinee'
as we usually do!

I always like to sit
up on the top row on the aisle
(stadium seating,)
Just feel safer
with no one behind me.

In the middle of the movie
I got up
to go to the restroom...
And KNOCKED my whole
HUGE cup of diet coke
on the floor
when my BIG ASS
passed the damn cup holder.

It made a BIG LOUD crash
on the floor.

I flopped back in my seat,

Everyone turned around
to see what'd happened.

SO embarrasing.

Shouldn't of had the butter popcorn.

Can't remember
when I've ever felt
SO damn fat,
and ashamed.

God, I gotta get a grip
& loose this tonage.
That's all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 X 10

Thank God this day is almost over.
I just can't take much more.
All the videos, pictures, memories,
Jesus Christ!

It's like every year we all get a giant scab
pulled off our wounds &
the post traumatic puss
comes oozing out.

Our hearts get too heavy,
Our heads want to explode.

Altho' everything is changed -
Nothing has changed,
There are still terrorist threats today.

We go on thru life
Striving to be courageous
and strong,
trying to balance between
Fear & denial.

So this year
on the 10th anniversary
of hell as we know it
The media has shown
the reports
Of telling the powers that be
To SHOOT down all flights
during successful hi-jackings.

We knew about this
But the civilians didn't.

Welcome to our world.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Sept 6, 2011

It's already Labor Day,
Are You EFfing KIDDING me??
Seems like leaves started falling
the minute September came.
Of course this was right after
we had an earth quake here in Jersey
(Say WHAT?)
shortly followed by Hurricane Irene.

The basement started flooding,
(well it WAS serious)
God gave her strength
to pull the wall apart
& restart the sump pump
in the sub basement,
but then the rain was pouring SO much
that the slop sink -
the sump pumps empty into -
started overflowing,
the floor was going
up to 4-5 inches deep.

(there are TWO sump pumps
& one regular small pump for under the steps)

We were bailing water &
Doris was so awesome!
Somehow God gave me the strength
to stay by her side
& help as much as possible.

I am a weakling
now that I am SO fat.
Feet, Knees, Hip, Back.
I am deteriorating
like a termite infested
house of decay.

The creek overflowed
to a 5 ft lake in the back yard,
& the street in front was also
flooding like a whitewater race.

But it all finally was over!
Thank you GOD!

The basement carpet is squishy,
but compared to SO many folks who lost everything
in this damn storm we got off light.

Now there's no more summer.
This is ALWAYS so sad to me.

Gotta count my blessings.
It's actually very pleasant outside.

Today we're going to cousin Etta's.
Her husband of 60 yrs just passed.
He was 89 so we shall help try
to keep her mind off of her very sad loss.

Life does go on for us lucky ones,
in spite of all the trials
& tribulations...

In this life,
or even the next...