Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 X 10

Thank God this day is almost over.
I just can't take much more.
All the videos, pictures, memories,
Jesus Christ!

It's like every year we all get a giant scab
pulled off our wounds &
the post traumatic puss
comes oozing out.

Our hearts get too heavy,
Our heads want to explode.

Altho' everything is changed -
Nothing has changed,
There are still terrorist threats today.

We go on thru life
Striving to be courageous
and strong,
trying to balance between
Fear & denial.

So this year
on the 10th anniversary
of hell as we know it
The media has shown
the reports
Of telling the powers that be
To SHOOT down all flights
during successful hi-jackings.

We knew about this
But the civilians didn't.

Welcome to our world.

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