Friday, February 25, 2011

Bathtub Stress

Got a new whirlpool tub to replace the new CRACKED tub.
It is VERY nice, altho' it was a definate nightmare redoing it all.
Phew! So GLAD it is over now. I truly HATE having men in the house. Hate it.

Gained another 2.8 lbs from the hibernating with all the blizzards & snow. That about brings it up to 10lbs. I am a jerk. The sad thing is I really LOVE just laying around watching tv all day & , oh yeah - EATING cake, cookies, PANcakes & other crap. What the HELL am I going to do with myself? It is SUCH a struggle to get my fat ass back on track, let alone to the gym.

I can hear Doris' dead sister hollering down - You're Next!
Not kidding, I really heard that.

Bought new red glasses today, they'll be ready in 10 days.

Then got my teeth whitened. They don't look that much whiter, so I plan on going back. My face is fat now so maybe I can take the focus off my chipmunk cheeks & blind folks with my choppers.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter is Boring

Another month has passed without writing, so much has happened that i can't even recall so I'll try free-association...

Doris' favorite Sister passed away in her sleep, it was a terrible shock for everyone. Doris is devastated, they went everywhere together & were like 2 peas in a pod. She can barely handle it, I feel so bad for her. As for me - I'm grateful it wasn't D.

Doris' younger son is still in town & Doris runs to save him when he can't pay for his blood pressure meds, doesn't have any food (since he DOESN'T work,) etc. He is living rent -free in her other sister's apartment. Women ALWAYS run to this man's (& I use the term loosely) rescue. It still disgusts me. D adores him. I adore D. I am stuck with her fucked-up kid & her fucked-up behavior around him... And she actually doesn't get why he makes me sick. I try to ignore it all - doesn't look like it's gona change. ever.
fuck me.

I've been binging on cake, candy & cookies since D's 75th bday last month & have gained 8 lbs back. damn. Also it's the whole hibernation thing - staying in all winter from ALL the snow storms. Just eating too much & making bad choices. I have GOT to get a fucking grip on food again because it already took so long to loose that fucking 8 lbs & now I have to do it all over again before it gets worse.

I hate winter.
I get fat & boring.