Thursday, October 07, 2010

How QUICKLY I Forgot

Lost 2.2 lbs @ WW weigh-in today! That brings me to 24 & 1/2 lbs lost -ALmost 25 lbs! since June. I should be lookin' mighty fine by next summer, yay!

It is SUCH a relief to be dropping all this tonnage, LAWD KNOWS I need to - hoping the hip pain & heel spurs will improve again...(seemed to be so much better in the summer @ the beach but NOW it is hurting again.)

Maybe all the rain & the cool fall dampness has brought back the shooting, throbbing, stabbing twinges. Obviously I still need to loose another 25.. & hopefully I shall since I did it before. So then perhaps more relief...

Went to a wonderful luncheon for Flight Attendants that fly out of Newark! Club EWR we are called, I miss them all so much.

I really don't get that close to people in every day life since I have my Doris to focus on...that is a 24/7 commitment!

BUT when I flew for 42yrs I got so attached to the fabulous, crazy, & fun nutcases I worked with thru the decades!

It has left quite an empty hole (& we ALL know what a waste THAT can be!) in my life that I abruptly had to adjust to in April when I retired. Thankfully many of them are on fb so we all keep up with each other.

I have slowed down quite a bit since that hectic flying pace. Being around my sky babes - they zoomed around the room 90 mph visiting with each other, still manic as shit!

By the time I left I was back in that groove & when I got home found myself frantic & unsettled. Took me awhile to come down from the excitement, just as it always took us time to 'decompress' from a trip driving home & entering back into a normal reality.

I had forgotten about all that. Living life in a constant state of high pressure & intensity, always effervescent & on the run!

Shit, no wonder I was so damn exhausted. No wonder I still love & bask in laying in bed all day even now!

I'm glad I don't miss that life - only the people in it.
Flight Attendants are just a different breed of Superwomen & men! It was a great job & I am grateful I was so good at it!

But I am even HAPPIER to be out of it now. Phew!
What a fucking relief.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Oct 1, 2010

Holy shit balls, it's October FIRST already.
Lots of RAIN lately.
I miss the sun.
And the beach.
Now I gotta
Straighten up this damn house.

Thought I was gona trade in my old RV
for a newer one with a bigger bed.
But noooOOOOoooo...
It is more prudent to spend the $10,000
on fixing up the little abode that has
fallen down around our ears for 17yrs.

I'll try to suck it up
& be a responsible adult before
I die.
Grumbling over here.

It's already getting too cold to
Sleep out at the shore
Or the Poconos
Or the driveway... HAHA!
So that WOULD be stupid.
Or at the very least
Not bright.

Other than THAT
Life is still solidly

Got a flu shot today.
But no longer have to be
So paranoid about getting SICK,
Since I DON'T HAVE TO FLY anymore!!!!!!!!!
Oh thankyou God!