Thursday, October 07, 2010

How QUICKLY I Forgot

Lost 2.2 lbs @ WW weigh-in today! That brings me to 24 & 1/2 lbs lost -ALmost 25 lbs! since June. I should be lookin' mighty fine by next summer, yay!

It is SUCH a relief to be dropping all this tonnage, LAWD KNOWS I need to - hoping the hip pain & heel spurs will improve again...(seemed to be so much better in the summer @ the beach but NOW it is hurting again.)

Maybe all the rain & the cool fall dampness has brought back the shooting, throbbing, stabbing twinges. Obviously I still need to loose another 25.. & hopefully I shall since I did it before. So then perhaps more relief...

Went to a wonderful luncheon for Flight Attendants that fly out of Newark! Club EWR we are called, I miss them all so much.

I really don't get that close to people in every day life since I have my Doris to focus on...that is a 24/7 commitment!

BUT when I flew for 42yrs I got so attached to the fabulous, crazy, & fun nutcases I worked with thru the decades!

It has left quite an empty hole (& we ALL know what a waste THAT can be!) in my life that I abruptly had to adjust to in April when I retired. Thankfully many of them are on fb so we all keep up with each other.

I have slowed down quite a bit since that hectic flying pace. Being around my sky babes - they zoomed around the room 90 mph visiting with each other, still manic as shit!

By the time I left I was back in that groove & when I got home found myself frantic & unsettled. Took me awhile to come down from the excitement, just as it always took us time to 'decompress' from a trip driving home & entering back into a normal reality.

I had forgotten about all that. Living life in a constant state of high pressure & intensity, always effervescent & on the run!

Shit, no wonder I was so damn exhausted. No wonder I still love & bask in laying in bed all day even now!

I'm glad I don't miss that life - only the people in it.
Flight Attendants are just a different breed of Superwomen & men! It was a great job & I am grateful I was so good at it!

But I am even HAPPIER to be out of it now. Phew!
What a fucking relief.


poet said...

been lurking for a while now, and just refound your blog. glad that retirement is agreeing with you somewhat. it is a big adjustment for sure. congratulations on the weight loss too!! we're working on that too. have a great w/end.

JulieB said...

What an awesome picture! Loooooking good! Must be all that lounging in BED!!! Hopefully you've done more than lounge (winkwink)! I think retirement makes you appreciate where you've been but more importantly where you are NOW :-) Glad you retired when you did too. Now is the time for you and Doris!
Love you twinnie!

Maria said...

My sister is a retired nurse and she says the exact same thing but I dunno...i cannot imagine NOT working.