Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Cranky

Okay, I'm dissappointed.  Seems there are some folks from the blog meet that don't want their pictures posted.  I have been waiting, just dying to see all the pics of the crazy, fun weekend I missed.  sigh. 

Why, I wonder- would I not want my picture posted with all these wonderful women?  Thank GOD I don't have to worry about folks knowing I'm a lesbian.  Gee whilikers, that's a heavy albatross - having to hide the real me. 

Well, let it be known to all the bloggerdykes that they all look like Goddesses in my imagination.  If pictures never get posted I'll just have to close my eyes & imagine. 
But damn.
I'm annoyed.

I get that way with Doris wanting to stay in the closet when we go to church.  She just doesn't think it's necessary to be a screaming "out" dyke.  Of course, everyone there KNOWS we're gay & they are nice to us.  Still, it's not a gay church, so she doesn't feel comfortable.  She would have done well in the army with the 'don't ask don't tell' policy. 

Not I.  I am PROUD to be a dyke.  And anyone, including any job, boss, preacher, teacher, neighbor, family -whomever- that doesn't like it can just shove it up their ass & twirl.  It get's me angry that we have been made to feel so scared & inferior to have to hide our true essence. 

But that's just me. 
And I'm old.
And cranky.
And I just say FUCK that shit.

However, Doris prefers that I don't fly the Rainbow Flag at our front door.
So be it.
I put up a double red heart wreath on the side door.
Compromise.  It beats a lonely bed.
heh heh.
I'm cranky, not crazy.
- well usually not.

It's just that with meeting Max & Elizabeth (which by the way I would NOT have recognized had I NOT seen their PICTURES from their blogs... aHEM!...) well - I was just SO FREAKIN' EXCITED to see everyone ELSE I missed that I could hardly contain myself.  I get like that.  I was way up, high on excitement ~ now the wind is out of my sails.  Maybe I'm bipolar.  I'll get over it.  WhatEVER.  I think it blows.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I met eb & Max!

I was so excited today!  Doris & I drove into the City where we actually met Elizabeth & Max for dinner!  I have always enjoyed their blogs, in fact eb was my first favorite blog that made me crack up with laughter, & from which I linked onto Syd (another riot & fave blog,) Sassyfemme, Weese, Suburban Lesbian & other fine dyke bloggers (that I can not live a day without checking to see if they've added yet, more pearls of wisdom!)  It was SO great to actually be sitting across from Elizabeth & Queen Maxine, I love to be around Lesbians in longterm relationships!

Time flew since we'd only put 4 quarters in the fucking meter, I don't even remember eating.  We went to Manatus  in the w.Village where D & I always used to eat when I lived upstairs on Christopher St.
 Friendly vibes & frivolity ensued!  I so enjoyed it!

Tomorrow a bunch of the gang are traveling to Conn. to party at Sassy's abode.  Bloggers are coming in from everywhere!  Unfortunately I won't be one of them & I can't believe I am going to miss out on meeting so many of my FAVORite blog dykes.  Damn.  I just have to trust in the universe that there will be another get together that will be easier for me to attend, maybe in NYC in warmer weather. 

Y'all have a great time.  boo hoo hoo.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Since I had to fly out on the 14th, Fri was our Valentine's celebration & we went to 3 movies.

First was Daddy's Little Girls which was so GREAT!!! 

2nd was Because I said so which was silly, but Diane Keaton's clothes are fun.  I fell asleep.

3rd was Hannibal Rising (okay Doris wanted to see this - she's a Silence of the Lambs person) & it was booring. 

Picked up Bahaa Fresh, came home & got in bed!!

Bed is still the best place ever.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines

Happy Sweetheart's Day!

My Doris is laying right next to me in bed here!  It is SO windy & sleeting on top of last night's snowfall.  The heat is working & we have food in the fridge!  These "little things" mean A LOT!  Went to the grocery store (do they still call it that?) & stocked up yesterday.  Got a GIANT heart balloon - when you tap it flashing red lights come on & it plays "I think I love you" by the Partridge Family haha!  Cracks me up.  Got red roses & 2 valentine cards for my lady.  No jewelry or baubles or even stuffed animals today.  Maybe there will be more funds next year.  But thank God we got the necessities & each other!  Amen.

Now, if they'll just CANCEL my flight today so I can STAY HOME.  dang.  They've cancelled all the morning trips, but NoooOOOOoooo, not mine at 500pm.  crap. 

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I finally have an Avatar, Sassy helped me get it under my 'all about me' area.  She's a frickin' computer genius, but well - we all know this by now.  I had been seeing these cartoon ladies on many blogs lately, but they are all on Blogger... which I obviously am not.  So I just couldn't figure out HOW to add one..  Good ole' Sassyfemme to the rescue!  Now I have my own cartoon with a snarl.

Been flying a lot, good trips thank the Goddess.  Had Bernadette Peters onboard & she was really sweet.  Very nice, a bit reserved, focused on reading a script of Pal Joey which she is considering.  I actually got a bit tongue-tied at one point trying to chat, normally I am always very cool, but she is SO talented.  Broadway, such a charge!

I am really tired of being/feeling broke.  Seriously.  I am trying to figure out how to make more money.  Any suggestions?  I have a Real Estate license with Century21, but I'm not doing that because I really don't have the energy &/or time while flying so much to make overtime.  I don't enjoy it & it is a LOT of hard work with often unpleasant (esp other realtors) people.  Then, I sold Arbonne Swiss Skin care which I have a website for at the bottom right under advancedbeauty.  It is REALLY great skin care, but I am not one to follow up after giving/sending samples because I am of the attitude it you want it fine, if you don't - well, you're possibly an idiot.  So I don't ever push it...  Some other FA's have started to sell it & they are extremely pushy & forceful in their approach & therefore have become real successful at it.  Me, not so much.  I'm really of the mind that if a person WANTS this they shall buy it...  Since we don't make that much money, I respect that others might not have the funds so I don't bug them with follow-up calls.  At any rate, it is not the best work choice for me either, I guess. 

Perhaps I am just too tired (after all is said & done) after flying my ASS off all over creation & back. 
I do need some sleep here & there. 
Like now for example.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm Okay, You're Okay

This past trip was SO much better than the last.  I feel loved. 

Call me Sally Fields, but it's good to remember (Most) folks I work with really like me.  They dig me, they think I'm funny & there is common respect.  Half even chime in when I start swearing like a sailor & the other half crack up laughing & tolerate it. 

You know, I'm too old to really care about this crap & normally I don't.  Last trip just caught me off gaurd because I wasn't aware that my flying partner of the month was two-faced.  Whatever.

Now I know.  And life goes on.