Saturday, February 10, 2007

I finally have an Avatar, Sassy helped me get it under my 'all about me' area.  She's a frickin' computer genius, but well - we all know this by now.  I had been seeing these cartoon ladies on many blogs lately, but they are all on Blogger... which I obviously am not.  So I just couldn't figure out HOW to add one..  Good ole' Sassyfemme to the rescue!  Now I have my own cartoon with a snarl.

Been flying a lot, good trips thank the Goddess.  Had Bernadette Peters onboard & she was really sweet.  Very nice, a bit reserved, focused on reading a script of Pal Joey which she is considering.  I actually got a bit tongue-tied at one point trying to chat, normally I am always very cool, but she is SO talented.  Broadway, such a charge!

I am really tired of being/feeling broke.  Seriously.  I am trying to figure out how to make more money.  Any suggestions?  I have a Real Estate license with Century21, but I'm not doing that because I really don't have the energy &/or time while flying so much to make overtime.  I don't enjoy it & it is a LOT of hard work with often unpleasant (esp other realtors) people.  Then, I sold Arbonne Swiss Skin care which I have a website for at the bottom right under advancedbeauty.  It is REALLY great skin care, but I am not one to follow up after giving/sending samples because I am of the attitude it you want it fine, if you don't - well, you're possibly an idiot.  So I don't ever push it...  Some other FA's have started to sell it & they are extremely pushy & forceful in their approach & therefore have become real successful at it.  Me, not so much.  I'm really of the mind that if a person WANTS this they shall buy it...  Since we don't make that much money, I respect that others might not have the funds so I don't bug them with follow-up calls.  At any rate, it is not the best work choice for me either, I guess. 

Perhaps I am just too tired (after all is said & done) after flying my ASS off all over creation & back. 
I do need some sleep here & there. 
Like now for example.


onestrangecat said...

glad you got help with the avatar!  

don't we all want extra money?  :)  


dghtronly said...

The avatar looks great!
Sorry no help on the extra money front. I worked a part time job for the past 5 years while my son was in college. I probably still should be--but I can't.

I hope you do find something that will help you solve this problem~~without too much strain or strife.

Good Luck. :)

bentfabric77 said...

Love the Avatar.  It's so you. :)

Have you tried one of those jobs where you can work from home?  Then again you probably don't want to spent the precious time you have at home tethered to a computer.