Saturday, February 24, 2007

I met eb & Max!

I was so excited today!  Doris & I drove into the City where we actually met Elizabeth & Max for dinner!  I have always enjoyed their blogs, in fact eb was my first favorite blog that made me crack up with laughter, & from which I linked onto Syd (another riot & fave blog,) Sassyfemme, Weese, Suburban Lesbian & other fine dyke bloggers (that I can not live a day without checking to see if they've added yet, more pearls of wisdom!)  It was SO great to actually be sitting across from Elizabeth & Queen Maxine, I love to be around Lesbians in longterm relationships!

Time flew since we'd only put 4 quarters in the fucking meter, I don't even remember eating.  We went to Manatus  in the w.Village where D & I always used to eat when I lived upstairs on Christopher St.
 Friendly vibes & frivolity ensued!  I so enjoyed it!

Tomorrow a bunch of the gang are traveling to Conn. to party at Sassy's abode.  Bloggers are coming in from everywhere!  Unfortunately I won't be one of them & I can't believe I am going to miss out on meeting so many of my FAVORite blog dykes.  Damn.  I just have to trust in the universe that there will be another get together that will be easier for me to attend, maybe in NYC in warmer weather. 

Y'all have a great time.  boo hoo hoo.


dghtronly said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Elizabeth and Maxine! Aren't they fabulous?
I'm boo hooing too over not being able to hop on up to CT...  Maybe the universe will do a good turn for both of us~~at the same TIME even...that would be SOOO cool, as I would LOVE to meet you!

sassyfemmect said...

You were missed!!!  Talked about you (in a good way) and wished you'd been there!

nfluxus said...

I can vouch that when Kmae says Doris is fucking beautiful, she's not lying. Doris and Kmae are two beautiful, fun, wonderful women. We had a great time. I do believe there is talk of another blog meet up so get ready. Plus, we'll be back to NYC. Thanks for driving into the city and meeting us. Meeting other bloggers is such an awesome adventure.