Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm Okay, You're Okay

This past trip was SO much better than the last.  I feel loved. 

Call me Sally Fields, but it's good to remember (Most) folks I work with really like me.  They dig me, they think I'm funny & there is common respect.  Half even chime in when I start swearing like a sailor & the other half crack up laughing & tolerate it. 

You know, I'm too old to really care about this crap & normally I don't.  Last trip just caught me off gaurd because I wasn't aware that my flying partner of the month was two-faced.  Whatever.

Now I know.  And life goes on.


dghtronly said...

Glad this trip was more enjoyable.
Hope you have a delightfully -warm- weekend.

bentfabric77 said...

It's nice to hear this trip exacted pleasant results.  It's tedious to work (especially in close quarters) with people with whom you're not necessarily on good terms.  The good thing about your job it seems is that you have a revolving door of FA's and therefore you're not always stuck with the douche bags. :)

sassyfemmect said...

Glad this was better.  I can't imagine anyone not liking you.  Just write the little bitch from the other trip off!

kmb524 said...

Bent - HAHAHAHA!!!  Yeah, the douche bags are a fucking pain in the BUTT!

Sassy, I really don't know WhY I got hurt by that one, sheesh!

Deborah - Thak GOD for nice people, (and HEAT!  Man is it cold here.)