Monday, January 29, 2007

A Lousy Endng to a Great Trip

It's always so good to get back home.  I swear, sometimes it's all I can do to get thru the end of a trip.  Usually it's great.  But last trip I had to deal with 2 younger flight attendants that basically just had no respect (for older female fa's & definately not for me.)  It became just seriously tedious in the end.  Nothing the psgrs noticed or knew about.  Just subtle bullshit & big time attitude.  I felt angry, and today I just feel bad.  It's unusual because I generally get along well with everybody.  Even if I don't really care for them.

One person I feel hurt by because I'd worked with her all month & I thought we'd gotten along fine, we definately worked great services together. This trip  there was a  girl I'd never worked with before on the crew list that hit it off real well with her.  Nothing wrong with that, but the attitude they generated together was rather obnoxious ( in my opinion,)  I chalked it up to youth & remembered how I used to do crazy stuff back in the day.  For example, they went out late into the night for dinner with a cousin that had been along on the flight & didn't get back till around 0300a. (which was 0600a our body time being based in NY.)  I could never do that now!  But there was a time we all used to be able to do that... ...Stay out all night & go right on to work with out much sleep!

Anyway the girls had bonded & were close (they had only just met on the flight) & to me they seemed to bring out such snarky pretention in each other.  I wasn't the only old fart on the crew, there was another but they didn't talk much to her either.  A fifth was in the middle of our ages & she got along with all of us. 

It was just unusual, that kind of shit never happens, at least it hasn't up until now.  The good thing about this job is that trip is OVER, I have different people to work with next month & I probably won't have to work with those 2 again (at least not together) since they're so junior to me.

I suppose I should mention how most FA's wish we old farts would retire so they could hold the trips we bid.  They will even "joke" with us about it "are you guys EVER going to retire & give us a chance at the primo trips? hahaha."  (Yeah, as IF those of us who DON't quit could afford towith what they pay us now.)  But it is rare that I've actually had to deal with such bitchy attitudes from young women I work with.  In fact, generally I feel nurturing to them.  Almost always I feel respect from & for them.

I shall stop obsessing over it all now.  Rant over.  Moving on.  sigh.


dghtronly said...

You are a model in patience..I don't what's worse, facing the same co-worker's everytime or having the wrinkle of a new face or two every once in a while. I suppose it has to do with what the new face (or two) brings to the table.

sassyfemmect said...

There's always going to be a bitch somewhere a long the way.   If you only have to work with her once in a blue moon, then it's not so bad.  Besides, remember that karma  is a good thing.  :)

wordsrock said...

I sure couldn't handle all the travelling you do.

So... when ARE you going to retire? :)

val41221 said...

F 'em!  hang in there...

kmb524 said...

Val, RIGHT!  haha!  
Suzanne, probably 62, i'm 59 now.
Sassy, so true, there's always a bitch & sometimes it's probably ME!!!
Deborah, this is better for sure, it would be worse to have to see them again everyday.
Thank y'all for writing, I feel better now.  I'm flying out today with great FA's!