Sunday, January 21, 2007

Doris' bDay!

Yesterday was Doris' Birthday.  Girlfriend turned 71, yep seventyfuckingONE!!!  Damn, she looks SO damn good, no one would even think she was even 50.  Luckily I had gotten out of my last trip so I had time to get hot pink roses, big balloons, good mushy cards & a pretty gold chain.  She was pleased when she woke up & went downstairs & saw all that set up for her.  Yea, I did good!

We layed around in bed all day (MY favorite sport!) & watched Little Miss Sunshine (dang, that was sweet) & other movies because it was SO COLD out. 

Then got up & went to dinner with her favorite sister at a wonderful restaurant.
Came home & watched TV & the L Word rerun.  Dang, that Papi is one sexy Latino player. 

I feel grateful for Doris' 71 years, that there is even a program like The L Word in this day & age, and that our furnace is working full blast!  It is fucking freezing out!


nfluxus said...

Happy Birthday Doris!! Sitting around in bed on a cold day sounds like a great way to spend a birthday. ~elizabeth

wordsrock said...

Happy belated to your sweet love!
Here's to many, many more. :)

dghtronly said...

Happy Birthday to Doris. :)
What a marvelous way to spend the day.
Hope you are staying warm!

bentfabric77 said...

As usual I'm late to  the party.  Happy Belated Birthday, Doris!  Glad you weren't out of town, Kmae.  Sounds like you gals had a very relaxing time.

val41221 said...

AWESOME!  71!  God bless her AND you! :)   Happy Birthday, Doris!