Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Crappy Movie

Today we went to see Perfume, The Story Of a Murderer. 
Y A W N.
I mean REALLY.  So fucking booring & possibly the stupidest movie ever.  The dumbass man goes around killing women to bottle their scents.  In the end when he is to be hung for the murders, he releases this bottle with a combination of all their scents to the throngs standing around to see him die & they all become overcome with LOVE, strip naked & have a mega orgy right there in the town square.  So dumb.

Then saw Stomp the Yard.  It was actually great.  D & I were truly old fogies in a packed theatre of young kids watching fraternity students at a black college in Atlanta compete crumping & stomping.

Then watched 30 minutes of Primeval where a humongous alligator was chasing & eating everyone around.  (Doris likes that shit.) 

Well, back home in bed now & we're watching a rerun of last week's L Word, which is Better than anything I've seen since Dream Girls last week!

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zannetoro said...

You don't seem to have had much luck at the movies recently. May I recommend Freedom Writers? Saw it on Friday and loved it! :D