Monday, January 01, 2007


This was my day:

Went to Curves (it was closed for the day)

Picked up 4 cartons of eggs from the Egg Farm

Went to Shopright (it was closed for the day)

Went to Petco/ bought dog food, cat food & kitty litter ($65 fucking dollars)

Went to CVS, bought nail polish remover & The Post for Doris

Went to Sis' to search for D's missing keys in Sis's car.
(they weren't there.)

Came home

TOOK DOWN ALL THE OUTDOOR XMAS LIGHTS (it was drizzeling) & PUT THEM IN THE GARAGE!  (I am SO proud I did this already!  Usually I'd wait till Feb/march.)

Emptied trashes & bottles

Put Dog food, Cat food, Kitty Litter in their bins.

Went to movies (The Good Shepard) with Doris.
(ate a damn ton of pop corn.)

Went to drug store & bought GasX & Stool Softeners.
(HAHAHAHAHAHA)  (Don't want to fart stink bombs when I get back on the plane tomorrow.)  (GasX turns your shit into blocks of cement, thus the softener... hehe!)  (Hey, you can't strike matches on a plane, have ya heard???)  (Shut UP, it's brilliant.)

Came home & Blogged

Watched CSI Miami & fell asleep.

Happy 2007!


dghtronly said...

I don't have outside lights-but I took down most dec -last thursday. the last of the inside lights came down today. I haven't taken the stuff to the storage cage yet--but it's all boxed and ready to go.

I saw The Good Shepherd today too.

*happy gas free flying** :)


bentfabric77 said...

Straight from the "things I really needed to know about Kmae" files. LOL! ;)

Ya know, if you don't put up lights then you won't have to take them down. ;)