Thursday, January 04, 2007

RHS60'grads list

I went to high school in Texas in the 60's.  Many from that school are on an email chat list.  It's a great, easy way to keep up with old schoolmates that you never see.  Interestingly enough, thru all the class reunions we've had, I've gotten to know folks I wasn't even close to in school & also enjoyed reconnecting with old friends (uh, Girl Scout Troop, drill team etc.)  Since we're all (supposedly) grown ups now, the dynamics are Quite different & much better... to say they least. 

Anyway....  Most of us are turning 60 this year, so we've been discussing our feelings on that, as well as being 59.  Here is my blurb on the subject:

  59 is just okay for me.
  Not great,
  Not lousy,
  Somewhere in between...
  Somewhere in the limbo of making it thru  the 50's (wait, didn't we do that   already after 1949?)
  And getting ready to step over the threshold into the 60's,
  Which from this point for me looks like a last chance for a big Hoorah...
  Before I turn 70 & get ready to shrivel up into elder care somewhere...   NOT!!

  Well, the 1960's were good to us (uh... some of the time)
  So hopefully our 60's will also be great... (Yeah sure, what am I -   hallucinating??)
  Albeit a different kind of adventure, that's for sure!

As I'm typing, Nancy Pelosi is being sworn in as Speaker of the House, my eyes are tearing up.  Man, have we come along way!  I am bursting with gratitude.  Thank you, God.


val41221 said...

Age is JUST a number...   as long as you're healthy and happy...   it's cool that you're reconnecting with h.s. friends.
SO cool about female speaker of the house...  we HAVE come a long way!  Have a great weekend!

bentfabric77 said...

I'm impressed you were able to stay in contact with them.  I, on the other hand, can't even remember half the goons with whom I went to HS.