Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Too Tired!

Have Mercy!
I am in the middle of another 6 day siege.  Just flew in LATE last night & flying out again today...  Am supposed to fly back out AGAIN after I return tomorrow night.

I am Broke Poor, so I scheduled my flying like that to make a lot of overtime.  It seemed like a good idea at the moment. 
Uh.  I don't know HOW I thought I could do it twice in a row (3 2-day trips back to back TWICE.)  (12 days out of 14.) 

Dang, I must have thought I was in my 30's again for a hallucinating moment.  I am fiftyfuckingNINE.  shit.  I can't do this.  I am turning fucking elderly more by the minute, esp working like such a nutcase. 
My resistance is dwindling & I'm taking Airbornne by the box.

I am hoping a fellow Flight Attendant will pick up my trip on thurs.  Then I plan to sleep 48 solid hours.  (Oh sure, as if I don't already wake up to pee every 3 hrs as it is.) 

I'm exhausted.

My entries have become booring.
Oh, here's a good one;
Had the Subway Hero onboard the other day.  Man, he was brave, huh?
Also had Chad Lowe, (SO sweet, so kind), Andre' Braugher, very classy & that gorgeous male model Tyson Beckford - also very nice.  Damn - his lips & eyes are really something!  (But he grew a skraggley goatee that looks like crap.)  Goatees suck.  No matter how you spell it.  Such a shame to mess up such a beautiful face with pubic looking hair.  ugh.

(Nothing against pubic hair in it's right place!) or the right woman's pubs in my face!

Can I get an Amen?


dghtronly said...

Wow, brutal schedule..hope you get that relief.
My son does a goatee every once in a great while, he does keep it neat and trim-on him, I don't mind-otherwise, I'm pretty much where you are with the facial pub.


Get some rest, sister.

bentfabric77 said...

Just listening to you schedule makes me exhausted.  Kudos to you for having the stamina.

lmao at "Nothing against pubic hair in it's right place!) or the right woman's pubs in my face!"

sassyfemmect said...

Hope you're getting some rest.  That schedule is just crazy for anyone, no matter what age!

sunflowersnstone said...

Now this makes me want to fly, seeing Ty on a plane. I don't fly for anything but I might change my mind for a quick look at Ty.

I said recently that from now on I only date elderly women. I want the senior discounts Kathy. I do. I think it's a good plan really, to take advantage of discounts at Denny's and Goodwill and other places that give 10 to 30% off. Besides the discounts ...old ladies "know stuff." wink, wink not like younger gals still trying to figure out how to do it right. (younger gals like myself LOL) So, when I'm ready I'll start prowling rest homes for that perfect woman and then I'll sit back and weep at the thought of all the years I wasted on the younger generation.

I recognize this picture from your birthday party last year I think it was. The expression is great. It looks like bliss. I remember the cake too, I was upset that you didn't fed-ex me a piece but hey, at least I got to see the pic right?
Smiles to you and yours,