Thursday, September 29, 2011

200 lbs.

Last fri my babe & I
went to the movie matinee'
as we usually do!

I always like to sit
up on the top row on the aisle
(stadium seating,)
Just feel safer
with no one behind me.

In the middle of the movie
I got up
to go to the restroom...
And KNOCKED my whole
HUGE cup of diet coke
on the floor
when my BIG ASS
passed the damn cup holder.

It made a BIG LOUD crash
on the floor.

I flopped back in my seat,

Everyone turned around
to see what'd happened.

SO embarrasing.

Shouldn't of had the butter popcorn.

Can't remember
when I've ever felt
SO damn fat,
and ashamed.

God, I gotta get a grip
& loose this tonage.
That's all.

1 comment:

e said...

OMG! KMae, that is some funny shit. Thanks for the laugh, I desperately needed it!