Monday, October 31, 2011


It snowed in Oct.  
Really stupid.  
Can't stand it.  
Didn't even shovel, 
I'm willing it to just melt away.  

I am grateful to have electricity & TV.  
Many do not.  
Trees have split & fallen in the back yard.  
And everywhere.  
Lines are down.  
Stupid east coast.

I went out of control with halloween candy.  
Milky ways, Hershey Bars.  Chocolate cake.  
It is HEAVEN.  
True fucking heaven.
Can't stop.
Gained 5 lbs in a week.

That was last week.  
Probably 5 more lbs this week.

I am sad & weak.
And FAT for real.
I've never been heavier.
I am grateful Doris hasn't dumped me
For a new slender model.

I was however infuriated with her
when she wouldn't let me adopt
the most beautiful tigress cat.
She should have said okay Kath,
 if that's what you want.
If that will make you happy.

But she said NO.
And she meant it.
And of course I considered
getting the cat anyway,
getting 2 cats.  
What would she do then?

Oh she's got heart murmurs
and high blood pressure...
I must NOT upset her!

We are together 30 years ...
What am I supposed to do?

If I were younger I would dump her 
for someone who loves animals.

But when I WAS younger
she DID get me cats 
and a Dog.

They are now buried out back.
It's been over a year.
I really miss fur
And cuddling with critters.

But she is happier 
without pet hair on furniture & clothes,
no kitty litter in the house,
& not having to walk a dog.

Not to mention 
my having to pay for pet food, 
kitty litter, &
vet bills -

Something I should have paid for more of
If I had the money to take them 
to the Dr more often,
Maybe they would still be alive today.


Somebody pass the candybars.


poet said...

we had snow yesterday too. like you i am willing it to melt. i hope you will adopt a new kitty, there is nothing like a new pair of navy blue pants coated in cat fur. :) i say that because we have a house full, and would not trade any of them. so we have to sweep every day, and keep one of those roller thingys to de-fur our clothes. the cats aren't that expensive to keep (as long as they don't get sick). and even when that happens, we always find the money somewhere.

we're not doing trick or treat this year. gonna just hide out in the office until it is over with. we're both going to be working late so....

i hope you have a great day....*gentle hugs* poet.

the only daughter said...

I remember having October snow. Bummer. I gained weight too--long before Halloween. ;-)

But tomorrow's a new day and as you rise, a chance to change the course.

Go, girl. And as for Doris not wanting anymore pets. ::sorry:: Maybe her mind can be changed on this small point.

e said...

I am right there with you on the weight gain. It wasn't only Halloween candy though. I've just been eating and drinking too damned much and not working out at all. That's what happens. Damn it.

I'd offer to send you a bag full of cat hair, but I don't think it will help change her mind!

Hang in there!