Sunday, December 04, 2011

"Tis the Damn Season Again

'Tis the damn season again.

Got thru Thanksgiving
with just 5 of us
dining at the Airport Marriott.
It was perfect.

D had been very sick
with a bladder infection
so she didn't cook &
the whole crew didn't come over...
So I didn't have to hustle & clean.

Daughter drove in &
paid for Mother's dinner.
Very nice!

The daughter hurt my feelings
talking about how she wants to give D
a RUST livingroom couch combo
because pink/mauve
is out of style in the 2011's.

orange is not what i would want.
However this is for "Mommy."

Our hunter green velvet couch
on our pink carpet
is 17rs old & worn now.
I should be grateful
for anything new.
But rust???
Let me just shut up.

Clearly they don't like the livingroom.
Well HELL.
Be grateful we all
could come together here last year...
After D's Sis passed away
We no longer have
Her neice's big, beautiful home
To gather in as we had
For the last decade.

So now Xmas is coming again &
I think the kids & grandkids
all want to come over
& hang with Mom/Grandma.
Not to mention her brother & sister.
We gotta hustle & clean here.

Why am I such a damn slob?
I seriously don't KNOW how
to keep up a room,
a house -
not even my car!
I have never LEARNED
how to clean well.
I just hate it.

And D wants me to put up
the outside lights,
maybe I'll try today.
Deep sigh.
It's a lota work.

Then will come the xmas tree.

I wanna just lay here & hibernate.
Curl up in my bedsheets
& down cover cocoon
and cuddle all the down pillows &
Peacefully drift in & out
of consciousness
'Till this whole charade is over.
Including New Year's Eve.

Life is just so great with the two of us.
We have fun & laugh at so much!
But bring in her family
& she totally changes.
It's been this way for 30 years,
So it certainly won't be different this year.

Holidays suck.


Maria said...

I tend to agree with you. We will have company this year for two weeks and I keep looking around at our filthy house and sighing.

Bah humbug.

KMae said...

Yes Maria....

the only daughter said...

I don't have company (thankfully--except the day of and that is more than enough). I certainly understand your feelings.

Here's hoping you can find some peace in the days ahead.

e said...

It's a lot of work... and sometimes the payoff just isn't a fair trade.

If I had my way, most years I wouldn't put up a tree or decorations or anything. But, compromise being necessary in relationships, I'm sure I'll be doing something.

One year, when I lived alone, I picked up some evergreen branches off the sidewalk and just laid them on the hearth. They were pretty and smelled good and it was easy. I haven't gotten away with that lately, though...

Hang in there KMae! When it's all done you can curl up with the pillows.