Sunday, March 19, 2006

My new nude bra

Well first of all, I went back & corrected my last entry - for some reason I'd written  my old bras were 42AA, when in fact they were 42DD for goodness sakes.  I had some fat girls, for sure.  Too enormous for me!                         

So I just went to Nordstroms & had a new bra fitting.  Can not believe I'm now a 38G....  huh??  What the hell is a G ???  It comes after DDD.  Heavens to Murgatroid! 

Not to mention, bras that size (DDD, G...) are all at least $50 plus.  Shit.  If any of you larger women out there know where to find cheaper over the shoulder boulder holders, please let me know.  Good grief.  Hopefully when I loose 20 more lbs, I'll fit into a regular size.

So when I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers this week, I had not lost squat.  crap.  At least I didn't gain.  Guess I'd better start exercising more than just Curves. 

So, Doris & I just bought new bicycles last night.  (Oh great, just what we need to add to our other 4!)  Well these happen to have big banana handles with gears (so you don't have to bend over to wreck your back) & big, fat bicycle seats for our very ample buttocks.  (BUooo tocks!) 

Okay so we'll look rather dorkey with our navy blue (mine, girl's... her's boy's) bikes peddeling around the hood, but it was either that or those adult-style tricicyles.  Guess that will be next on the horizon.  The new bikes are Schwinns & were only $99 on sale at Targets!

Well, the time has come to get ready to fly out again.  This week I'll be flying 6 (S I fucking X) days in a row.  That will be 3, back to back, 2-day lax trips.  God help me, I pray I don't get sick!  I really am broke after all this, & I gotta make some overtime. 

Peace out! 

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sunflowersnstone said...

you're in trouble when you need a double G. I haven't gotten there yet thank God.

the best place to buy larger arm straps is at a place where they sell material for sewing. also, if you want to buy a larger size bra for under 50 bucks you have to go online. you might even try eBay. I'll be doing that with some of my money next month because I need a new bra something horrible.

about the bikes, if you buy the tri-cycle for adults PLEASE have someone take pictures of it because this I have to see... repeatedly! I could use a good laugh. I want to see you both looking into the camara with big grins but with both hands on the handlebars. please have streamers attached..the rainbow kind. make the picture with a very large pixel setting so that I can duplicate it ... repeatedly! This will win some sort of contest out there.

some girls where i use to live watched a lady drop a hundred pounds by riding her coaster everyday for 20 min. We all got used coasters and called ourselves the Coaster Club. We road all summer long. It was quite fun. For those of us with bikes (women only) we should have an international coaster club. You have to have some form of a bike that you ride and it can only have 2 wheels.
smiles to you,