Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flight Attendants are Nice!

I love Flight Attendants, I really do.  This was a great month, all 4 of us were wonderful!  Seriously.  My #1 was SO efficient, fast, good, always thought of EVERYthing I might need in advance & had it there for me so I could throw it all out with perfect precision.  AND she is beautiful, very cool & sweet.  Barbara.  We flew 2 months in a row!  I was amazed she told folks she was really enjoying working with me.  It was just wonderful.  Hope we can do it again in May.  Next month I'll be doing the #5 extra posistion, floating around from trip to trip without a real crew.  She'll be back on the Super80 DFW turn-arounds.  I think she will miss me.  I KNOW she will miss the 757.  What a pleasant, professional she is, I'd have to say the best #1 yet. 

     That's the thing about Flight Attendants...  We are all so different from each other, but so nice.  And we know how to WORK.  Esp the older ones (ahem!...)  (I won't  go into the lazyass youth of today here, but suffice it to say I am much happier with senior FA's).  It's been a great month.  With the exception of being exhausted from doing so much overtime, I'm almost sorry it's over. 

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