Saturday, April 08, 2006

Frickin' Taxes

DAMN!  I just found out I owe  $825.00  in fucking Taxes.


C R A P O L A!

Lordie, I am so bummed.  I only had $1,000 left in my savings account.  Gone.  Sent it off today.  I AM BEREFT . 

Damn my accountant.  Have used him for years.  Think I might get another one.  PERHAPS I'll try to keep better records.  (I have no records being the lazy ass that I am.)  I'm an idiot. 

This is all my fault for being a record slug.  And for selling 2 houses last year (which broke me out in fucking-ass shingles with all the flight time I was working at the same time those 3 months) .  That's what did it, had to pay taxes AND social security on that (as IF it will even be there IF I will EVER be able to AFFORD to fucking RETIRE before I die (anytime soon!)  SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well, I cried.  I'm such a big, tough dyke.  boo hooed, snarffed & hiccuped.  Then I wrote out a (rubber) check & mailed the mother fucker.  Asswipe, mother fucking, cock sucking Internal Revenue fucktards.  They're lucky I don't have enough money to buy a GUN, let alone lunch.  I am so pissed.

And there is NO WAY I can work any harder than I already am.  I just flew 4 days, had TODAY off, and will be flying the next 6 motherfucking days (daze) in a row.  I am desparately trying to stay healthy & germ free thru all this jetlagged stupor. 

I told Charlie (my soon to be ex tax person) that it doesn't pay to try to sell real estate.   He said, no, you have to sell more.  Which is next to impossible, part time.  Besides, I hate most other real estate agents. (fucking back-stabbing bitchfreaks.) 

Well, I'm definately screwed.  I have $125 in my checking account till my next paycheck on the 15th which will be $600, whichI will have to pay the damn mortgage with by the 16th, which isaround $1300.  Gaaaaaaaaaa!  SHIT

I don't know.  There is not much left for me at the credit union.  I just can't believe these damned 9/11 pay cuts we've had to take while the fucking top managment walk away with HUGE parachute payments, not to mention their regular salarys.  God, I'm SO fucking infuriated.   

Well, I have to make a definate attitude adjustment.  I need to make a gratitude list;

I can walk & talk.  I can see & hear.

I Do have a job, & can continue to try to work overtime.

I have had my beautiful, exquisite Doris for 24yrs & 8 mo!

She is well & still looking fabulous at 70 yrs!

I have good health at 58 yrs & have recently lost 34 lbs!  

We have a house to live in.

We have a cute schnauzer & 2 sweet cats.

We still love each other!

We love Jesus & God.

Usually we are happy & laugh a lot.

I get to hear Doris' sing with her fabulous gospel voice all the time at home or in the car! She can really wail out those 40's & 50's doo wop & 60's/70's Motown hits.  The woman can SANG!!

I have a car to get to work with.

I have 26 yrs & 6 mo clean & dry.

I have 37 yrs & 6 mo with my airline co. (such as it is...)

I really enjoy most people I work with there.

Many psgrs are nice, some are wonderful.

I dig hotels & having my own room for the night.

My old, raggedy laptopstill works mostof the time.

I love to laugh.

Okay.  I guess I'll survive.  I really have to cut down on spending & practice keeping better records.  I've done it before, I can do it again.      Damn it.





sunflowersnstone said...

I just wrote an entry saying I'm going to restart Gratitude Monday. One thing I'm happy about is that you can't afford a gun. Girl, I hollered when I read that!!!

you know why taxes are so high in Texas? Because it takes a lot of resources for Texas to screw people. they have to have high taxes so that when they want to screw you they can do it with the latest and highest advanced technology out there. bigger is better when you're screwing so they say.

but really, i know you were pissed when you found out you owe money. Lord, if push comes to shove we'll pile all the broke people together and we'll all live in one house togther. Lord, can you see the journal entries off that one? There'd be so much to write about.... 2 multiples, 3 lesbians, 2 dogs and 4 cats all in one house. this would not be pretty but it would make for great reading.

later, fly safely and germ-free,

nfluxus said...

That blows big time. Did your accountant tell you that you could work out payments to the IRS? You would have to pay some extra but paying $110/month for 8 months might have been easier than sending it all off at one time.

It's nice that you have so much to be grateful for. Lot's of people have to pay taxes and DON'T have someone around who can sing doo-wap.

kmb524 said...

hahaha.  Funny Elizabeth.