Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Sucko Vacation

My next door neighbor just told Doris & I tonight that they are moving.  Which is terrible news because they are great people & we enjoy them.  Then she said they were breaking up...  which is a shock.  We never saw it coming, they seemed so into each other & their kid.  I am so sad & upset over it all.  It's horrible.

I've been miserable the past 9 days, I'm on a 2 week vacation & there's only 5 days left.  I haven't even blogged about it because it's so crummy.  Gas is now over $3/gal so we can't drive to the Poconos or anywhere else for that matter.  But I just thought it would be great to  relax & hang with Doris.  Sounds good to me!

But Doris has had other ideas, as well as no boundaries.  Besides doing Easter sunrise service as well as the regular service, we started at 0430 & ended at 43Op, as if I wasn't already exhausted enough.  But no, the choir HAD to sing both services.  That was bull. 

The next day, her grandkids called & wanted to come over.  I was a good sport about that.   I was looking fwd to the next weekend together, but a grandson called asking her to take him to get his driver's permit.  Of course she couldn't say no to him.  I was like what about ME???  "Oh, I'll be back early," And then she remembered a birthday party for a 100 yr old lady that afternoon from church we were to go to.  I stayed home.  Of course she & her sister went & thought it was wonderful.  I just couldnt' go.  Didn't wanna.  Read blogs all day since they were gone.

I was pissed.  But this lady's been in their church their whole lives.  What could I do.  Nothing, but look fwd to the rest of my vacation.  After all, at least I didn't have to work.

Then the same grandson called to ask her to drive him to NYC for a commercial audition the next day.  I got nuts.  Of COURSE she said yes, then spent the night on phone calls (during 24 our favorite show) with his mother & him, I'm screaming "hang up the phone..  call them later"...  She screamed "STOP!"  We fought, she heard me tell a flying partner I was having a shit vacation. 

The next morning she wakes up (that's today) & said look, we'll drive them to the city, drop them off, they'll take the path & buss back home, & we'll go walk around in the Village.  Which we did.  It was pleasant enough.  It would have been better with out them.  She cooked a great whole chicken dinner tonight.  I planted seeds in the garden. 

Last night I was so enraged I thought about leaving & finding a woman who wanted to spend time with me.  That was my old pattern decades ago when I would get pissed.  I really wanted to bolt, but I'm so, so broke. 

So now tonight, I'm in shock Marlinda is leaving Charles, next door.  That could have been us.  We just looked at each other, so sad- shook our heads & said, we really have to keep it together.  We are just 3 months away from our 25th anniversary.  I gotta get a grip. 


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zoegaymo said...

That does sound like a sucko vacation.  Is it really worth throwing away 25 years for?