Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flying 6 Days In a Row

4 down 2 to go.  Getting a little weary, here.  Luckily I've been flying with great, hard-working FA's.  2 nights ago we had to check 35 (THIRTYfuckingFIVE) strollers...  Folks & their broods flying to Passover Holiday.  Today & tomorrow it will be Easter travelers.  Full to the brim!  Same song second verse!  Nobody wants to stay in their seats.  It's noisy.  Makes for a  l-o-n-g  trip.  Did I mention kids on Spring break?  Actually the college kids have been GOOD.  It's the PARENT's that can't control their little ones, don't know which are the bigger challenge!  I do love this job, it's not like this happens everyday.  Regular travelers stagger off, eyes wide, shaking their head in a stupor on these holidays.  I always go thru looking at each psgr as a soul from God, a part of us all, 'we are are one' when they are finally seated after boarding!  Yeah, that's how I start out.  By the end of the trip....  I am doing the deep breathing, doing my best to stay calm!!!  I thank them when they are deplaning, & I am gratified when some thank us back.  If I didn't have such wonderful people to work with, it would be hell.  Luckily, most of us have the knack. 

I can't believe the news EVERYWHERE keeps playing the 9/11 tapes over & over.  Again & again.  For weeks.  It's horrible.  It's driving me crazy.  Oh my GOSH it's SO DEPRESSING!!!!  The Post traumatic stress just kicks back in.  It's insane.  Why are they allowed to do that, just because it is happening in a courtroom?  I can't take it much more.  Somebody please make it stop!

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nfluxus said...

That's part of why we don't listen to the news. I haven't heard any of the tapes. I imagine 9/11 was even more stressful for you and your coworkers than for most of the country.