Wednesday, September 27, 2006

stupid computers

I am so fricking annoyed, my dumbass laptop has just died & I can't even get into the internet, let alone write on my blog.  CRAP.  I mean I am So Pissed, I have payed SO much money to get my fucking Dell cleaned & redone over & over & I guess I just have to buy another fucking computer.  But I'm  b r o k e,  Dammit.

So if you don't hear from me anytime soon it means I am banging my head against a wall somewhere between trips as I will only be able to read you guys on layovers.  What a drag.  I don't want another Dell EVER.  (Well, it IS about 3 or 4 years old...) 

Does anyone else ever have this stupid, dumbass problem?  Shish.


dghtronly said...

That's horrible about your computer. I have a Dell, but it's a desk top and I've only had it about two years. I have had to replace the power source, but otherwise it's worked fine.

Hoping for a quick and relatively painless resolution to your computer woes. I miss you.


jabz1965 said...

damn I hate hearing THAT! I have a DELL laptop that I just bought for a birthday present(OUR birthday, 5/24, that is =) ) and so far not so much trouble, other than a couple glitches but I am not so sure it was not the OPERATOR LOL
Our internet was not available for over a week and THAT I am pissed about and finding another service.

CONGRATS on 50 lbs! You are my inspiration! =)

kimbertkimbert said...

My Dell laptop, just a year old at the time, fried its hard drive a year ago.  I got a free replacement hard drive, but I lost a ton of stuff--including a lot of photography. Back up EVERYTHING!


sassyfemmect said...

Advice from the computer teacher:  Always get the service plan!  All of our stuff is Dell.  I love it, and wouldn't buy anything else.  We've had a variety of others, and despite any problems we've had, Dell is tops in my books.

zannetoro said...

May I suggest not denting the walls? Not good for the noggin or the plaster! ;)
Sorry about the frustration! We'll be here when you're back!
Take care!!!!!

sassyfemmect said...

Just stopping by to let you know you're missed... Blogland is way too quiet w/o you!