Monday, October 02, 2006

So FRustrated

You guys just aren't going to believe this.  First I bought (charged- shit!) a new Apple laptop.  Second, not only is it really wierd (I went for a lesson today at the apple store) but I CANT GET it PLUGGED INTO the INTERNET at my frickin house.  shit. I don't get it.  of course did I mention I have dial up?

2nd.  In checking the 100 emails since I've been computerless, I got a noticd that my paypall account has been charged for $474.99 for a nokia cell phone being sent to some guy in ME....  huh???  So when I clicked on the dispute box there was a whole list to fill out complete with my SS number, my mother's maiden name, & m credit crd #.

Say what??>?  I stopped filling it out at social security number.  Im suspecting this is a fake, but how does one know?????  I freaked & ran to an internet cafe to dispute this, but then I thought someone is trying to get my id shit...  Besides, when I registered for ebay 2 yrs ago, I only look now & then, never buy, I don't think I ever filled out any stupid pay pal form.  I wish there was a phone number to call.   Any suggestions????

I'll be in LA in 2 nights so I can read your comments.  thanks.

Fare thee well from the damn internet cafe'...where there are teenage kids everywhere.


sassyfemmect said...

Did you go through this link to dispute: ?  That appears to be the legit link off their site.  SS# and mother's maiden name seems to be pushing the line of how much info. to give out.  Is there a paypal number you can call? Don't get scared off though, and let it go, you need to stop whomever's got your information.

wordsrock said...

Congrats on the new computer.
I think.

I, too, would get on the phone to dispute that charge!

dghtronly said...

Be diligent and persistent. I'd gotten an email (purportedly) from PayPals asking me to verify info. No, I did not. But once, my son did. It took us months to clear things up. He was not held responsible for any of the fraudulent charges. Do your best to get to the bottom of it-as soon as possible.

Be careful