Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just Babbeling

Well, it looks as if I can't do anything to enlarge this blog print if I stay with AOL on my new MAC.  This is according to my Apple instructer who seems very nice & knowledgable.  I haven't had a chance to talk with my blog 'computer genious' friend, so there may STILL be hope.  But chances are that whatever she suggests I do, that I won't know WHAT the hell she's talking about so I guess for now I'll just do what I can until I either change to something else from aol or get other help.  But all you guys have small print on blogger...  That is one reason I've stuck with my aol blog because I was always able to have LARGE and HEAVY print.  And I could also have a purple top.  Oh well.

Hey maybe I'll try just spacing between each sentence & see if that makes it easier to read.

What a pain in the fucking ASS.

Well I'm flying out again tomorrow & am looking forward to working with a dynamic FA who called & told me she picked up my trip because she knew I'd be on it!

Wow, how nice to know some people would really like to fly with me!

I mean, I think I'm really great in the air, but I'm SURE there are many who do not, just because I have a strong personality.  

Uhm, strong is a rather polite way to say it.

I cuss & swear, I dislike many pilots & other dorkass idiots & seriously hate Bush.

That's just for starters.

There are some bloggers I read whom I've come to realize don't appreciate my style of humor & kevetching...& uh other crassness.  

One asked what in an entry awhile back what was it that your partner & you did that got on each other's nerves... or something like that.

When I wrote in a comment that Doris hates when I FART, she commented back that I was just crude.

Imagine that!  

Well hell, she fuckin' asked.


A small plane flew into a high rise today in NYC.

Everybody went into post tramatic 9/11 stress mode for miles around here until we were pretty much assured it was only a single engine & not a threat.

Very sad, no matter what.

And too bad it was a Yankee pitcher, let alone anyone.  

It's a miracle not more people were hurt, thank God, Goddess, Universe for that.

Speaking of miracles, you know that 50 lbs I recently lost/

Well, i just gained 1.4 lbs back on "maintainence."

Crap, & fuck that shit.  

Obviously I won't be able to keep adding that extra 4 points a day to "maintain."

Oh well, it sounded too good to be true, anyway.

Hell, all I was doing was adding cheese & a few crackers here & there.

Oh yeah & there WAS that one night I ate 2 left over steaks on the plane.  hahah!

Not to mention we went to The Macaroni Grill last night after my computer lesson...

(Ah, thanks a LOT Sassy for reminding us all what GREAT food they offer there.)

It has been our favorite place for about a year now.

This teensy font REALLY SUCKS.

I would be amazed if Anyone would still be reading this far thru their squinty eyes.

So I guess I shall just bring this to a screaching halt now.

Peace out all y'all .


jabzz1965 said...

aww kmae =) You are always worth reading no matter how small! It's what you have to say that is BIG!

But if baffles me too that you cannot enlarge the font...that is !@##$$$ messed up!

BTW I love your sense of humor and personality!
Glad you are safe and sound.

zannetoro said...

Hey you! Still reading :) --just so you know!
Yeah, the whole plane thing yesterday--I'm sorry it happened and that people died but can somebody please address the question of what the heck was a small aircraft doing in city airspace?!!!!!!!!!!  I mean is it that easy that if a terrorist wanted to fly a nuclear bomb into the city and do the suicide thing, it would be so easy? Maybe I will go to school in Chicago... :)

nfluxus said...

Ok, I'm all wondering which blogger told you that.

Just a suggestion here with the small font. If you can't change the font you might consider changing the background color to white. Purple is a regressive (see how fancy schmancy I can be) and black on purple is very difficult to read. That's how dedicated your fans are K because it's very hard to read black on purple.

I realize white is bland and blah and all that, but it is functional. Of course, we'll all still read no matter what you do but those of us on a PC can make the font larger. Ok...I'll go now.