Monday, September 11, 2006


God!  It's on every damn channel.  I just can't take it.  The towers imploding over & over.  It's too much.  Hell, the 1st time was too much.  Remember that?  Glued to the TV for the whole day in shock & horror.  And for those of us who lived around here, the thick air & smell was a putrid reminder for weeks afterward.  There are no words.  Now, there are movies & recorded 911 calls.  And today the whole thing yet again as a memorial tribute. The reading of the names takes hours.  Can't fucking stand it.  Most of the Flight Attendants I work with specifically bid this day off.  It's too much, even now.

Flew in with Armand Assante onboard last night.  He is still extremely handsome.  Hell, he's gorgeous!  And VERY polite.  He's so nice & barely asks for anything other than diet coke.  He wore cowboy boots, jeans, big belt buckle, a beige 'tucked in' tuxedo shirt unbuttoned down enough with tufts of dark & silver hair on his chest showing.  And he still has lots of dark hair on his head. He kept highlighting his script & writing notes all over it.  And did I mention POLITE?  A real gentleman. 

There were many other nice passengers, too.  Only 2, well maybe 3 assholes in the whole load. 

The good & the bad.  Life goes on.


syd888 said...

Oh, I love Armand Assante. So sexy... for a man, that is. Glad to hear that he is a gentleman.

Can't even imagine what this day means to you and the horror you must have experienced.

kimbertkimbert said...

Over the weekend I saw CNN advertising that they would show their 9/11 stream AS IT HAPPENED that day.  I though, who the hell wants to watch all that again?

dghtronly said...

"God! It's on every damn channel." For this reason alone, I'm glad I work in an office, totally devoid of the outside world -unless- we click onto the net, which I'm doing only to check out and comment on blogs (occasionally). I remember when it happened, I was just getting into work and signed on to check my emails and there it was...back then I was hungry for news and info, today, not so much. I caught just scant minutes of the Today show before I left home this morning and that was plenty.

Too cool about Mr. Assante, it's so pleasant to discover people (even famous ones) can be charming, friendly and nice.


sunflowersnstone said...

I always have to look up the people you run into cause I don't know who anyone is. I just saw his pic, yum is all I can say about that.

I didn't watch TV on 9/11 nor on 9/10 or 9/09 or any day this week. As a matter of fact my TV has been off for over 2 weeks now. I'm not much on TV but I knew that 9/11 would be all over the place and like you said, it's too close for comfort. It feels like yesterday.


nfluxus said...

I didn't watch tv at all. Why they need to replay all that is beyond me. Life, indeed, goes on and that's a good thing. ~Elizabeth